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Jazz Music in 3D World Second Life
(Published: May 22, 2007)

The 3D Virtual World Second Life has had over 6million signons and its rising dramatically. Initially a Game, Second Life has turned into the biggest virtual world Chat room, set to rival My Space and You Tube. At any one time over 30 thousand Residents are online inside the virtual world interacting with each other, building their houses shopping for virtual clothes and cars, and attending virtual concerts and music events held by real life musicians streaming their live performances into the world with their images called Avators appearing as themselves playing their instuments.

Strangly enough Jazz music in all its forms comes out time and time again to be the most popular music played and listened to in Second Life. With the most visited places in Second Life being Phats Jazz club and Carabean Breezes jazz club where the audience dances to recordings from Frank Sinatra, Dianna Krall and lots of old and new time greats. The Real life artists in Second Life who are drawing the biggest crowds are also Jazz Artists with Second Life Names such as Flaming Moe a bepop RL Saxaphone player, Louis Vollare a jazz singer pianist and Female Jazz Vocalist from Sydney Australian Paisley Beebe.

With average demographic in Second Life being 35yr old white male....it seems that Jazz Music is extraodinarily popular, more so than any other type of entertainment or music genre in Second Life. Jazz clubs compete with Casinos and Shops that sell clothes and sexual equipment, which are always talked about in news articles as seemingly the only thing to do in Second Life, but both the first and 3rd most popular places are both Jazz Venues.

A new Jazz club is opening almost every day in Second Life due to the obvious popularity of the Genre. Clubs make money from the audience through Donations of the Second Life currency Lindens, but most venue owners enjoy just having a place to hang out and listen to great music with other like minded people.

Paisley Beebe (Leonie Smith) is a a Real Life Vocalist from Sydney Australia. She Joined Second Life in November 2006 after reading about it in a Womens magazine. After immersing herself in the Second Life culture and finding her way around, started streaming her music into Second Life through her computer in her home Studio. Playing live with her real life band which includes some incredible Australian legends in Jazz including George Golla on Jazz Guitar, Ray Aldridge Piano and Craig Scott on the Double Bass.

The Sydney Music Scene is in a dire state, due to increasing fees for live music licencing reaching over 400 thousand australian dollars, per year, that must be paid by venues who want to employ live musicians, and the proliforation of Poker Machines in Hotels and clubs. There are diminishing opportunities for Sydney's Jazz muscians to play live, with some musicians admitting that it has been the very worst year for employment in some cases a career that spans 30 odd years. There are no dedicated Jazz Clubs in Sydney anymore.

There is a talent drain going on in Australia with most determined Jazz Artists leaving our sandy shores for overseas just to work. As far as young jazz musicians finding opportunities here to learn their craft on stage its impossible.

For Leonie Smith or Paisley Beebe as she is known in Second Life the popularity of Jazz in Second Life was an opportunity too great not to try and be a part of. Since February 2007 she has risen to be one of Second Life's most popular performers, singing jazz standards in the style of Dianna Krall, and Jane Monheiht.
The fact that she is able to bring into Second Life musicians of the calabre of Golla and Aldridge brings a wonderfull opportunity for jazz fans the world over to experience a live performance with dialogue back and forth, and interaction from the audience from the best Jazz players that real life has to offer.

"Finally we are able to play live and be appreciated by people the world over who actually listen and enjoy the music, in Australia we are often employed as background music, and it is sad for me to see players as George Golla and Ray Aldridge relegated to playing weddings and noisy clubs with ringing poker machines, where you are lucky to get 6 people actually listening to the music. There are just not the venues available anymore to employ us, in Second Life we are breaking records for crowd attendence with crowds of sometimes 100 people which is a maximum capacity crowd in Second Life. After 15 years in the buisness I have a fan club! its been incredible...., perhaps some real life sucess may come of this but Im not counting on it, it seems very strange to come from a country where Jazz is really a very underapreciated art, to landing in a World...be it a virtual world where Jazz is like pop music in Real Life, I am constantly shaking my head about it."

Leonie Smith has so far released 2 Albums "Sweet Jazz" and "Never the Less" both featuring George Golla and many of Australia's creme of the Jazz industry who haven't fled overseas for work. She is in the planning stages of collaborating with another talented Second Life Musician, Grammy award winner American Kurt Bestor or Kurt Jano in Second life on a Jazz Album. This will be a Second Life Release, and will be released on itunes as well.

Due to Paisley Beebe's popularity in Second Life she has been asked to host Second Lifes first live Televised weekly Chat show. "Tonight Live with Paisley Beebe" will feature guests from Second Life and the Real world with a special entertainer on each week. It will be posted on the web and on You Tube. The aim is to bring talented Second Life Residents doing well in this virtual world to the Real World.

Many Record companies and Television Networks are trying to find out how they can tap into the increasing popularity of Second Life. But It seems that artists are finding they can again, through the web, circumvent the traditional ways of finding sucess by setting up shop in Second Life and letting the audience decide who makes it and who doesn't.

More Information: http://www.paisleybeebejazzbird.blogspot.com

Submitted By: Jojamela Soon

Email: sample@email.tst

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