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Discover the Jazz Innovators of Tomorrow with "In the Mix"
(Published: March 15, 2013)

A Free Series of Concerts Showcasing New England Conservatory's Exceptional Jazz and Contemporary Improvisation Ensembles

36 One-Hour Concerts Over 12 Evenings at NEC's Pierce Hall

Monday, April 1 - Wednesday, May 1

Discover the jazz innovators of tomorrow with In the Mix, 36 free 1-hour concerts, Monday, April 1 - Wednesday, May 1, 2013 at New England Conservatory's Pierce Hall on the first floor of NEC's St. Botolph Building, 241 St. Botolph Street, Boston. These concerts, featuring NEC's Jazz and Contemporary Improvisation Ensembles, take place at 7, 8 and 9 p.m. each evening and are free and open to the public. Go to www.necmusic.edu or call 617-585-1260 for more details.

Each ensemble meets weekly and is coached by a member of NEC's renowned faculty including Jason Moran, Bob Moses, Cecil McBee, Jerry Bergonzi, Joe Morris, John McNeil, Dominique Eade, Jorrit Dijkstra, Ken Schaphorst, Tanya Kalmanovitch, Frank Carlberg, Aubrey Johnson and more.

Monday, April 1

7 p.m. - John McNeil Ensemble
Tomas Cruz, voice; Jake Baldwin, trumpet; Jacob Sieckman, saxophone; Michael Prentky, trombone; Mina Cho, piano; Eung Min Cho, guitar; Kevin Abdella, bass; Robin Baytas, drums.

8 p.m. - Frank Carlberg Monday Ensemble
Akenya Seyour, voice; Josh Gilbert, trumpet; Travis Bliss, saxophone; John Cushing, trombone; Shane Simpson, piano; Max Light, guitar; Simon Willson, bass; Robin Baytas, drums.

9 p.m. - Frank Carlberg Tuesday Ensemble
Matthew Joseph, trumpet; William McKenna, saxophone; Wyatt Palmer, saxophone; Eunyoung Kim, piano; Caio Afiune, guitar; Andrew Schiller, bass; Joseph Musacchia, drums.

Tuesday, April 2

7 p.m. - Ken Schaphorst Jazz Composers Ensemble
Katya Dreyer-Oren, voice; Jenn Allen, trumpet; Jacob Sieckman, saxophone; Michael Prentky, trombone; Peter Jonaton, piano; Jeremy Marx, guitar; Matthew Stavrakas, bass; Jun Mok Kim, drums.

8 p.m. - Tanya Kalmanovitch Non-majors Improvisation
Eck Sierra, saxophone; Jonas Tarm, violin; Benjamin Beck, viola; Tong Wang, piano; Jonathan Kim, guitar; Liam Birkers, bass.

9 p.m. - Tanya Kalmanovitch Non-majors Jazz
Monique Van Willingh, flute; Nelson Moneo, violin; Jay Mobley, guitar; Dara Bloom, bass.

Monday, April 8

7 p.m. - Jerry Bergonzi Monday Ensemble
David Neves, trumpet; William McKenna, saxophone; Dan Gabel, trombone; Nikolaos Amadolis, piano; Thomas Holladay, guitar; Robin Cain, bass; Nick Linder, drums.

8 p.m. - Jerry Bergonzi Wednesday Ensemble
Jonathan Gaines, trumpet; Travis Bliss, saxophone; Chris McCarthy, piano; A. J. Durham, guitar; Liam Birkerts, bass; Colin Rosso, drums.

9 p.m. - Jerry Bergonzi Friday Ensemble
Tree Palmedo, trumpet; Alfred Brewer, trombone; Gabe Terraciano, violin; Phillip Golub, piano; Andres Abenante, guitar; Isaac Levien, bass; Russell Holzman, drums.

Tuesday, April 9

7 p.m. - Aubrey Johnson Jazz Vocal Ensemble
Katya Dreyer-Oren, Ah Young Min, Sami Stevens, Sam Jones, Sung Huh and Michael Mayo, voice; Jiri Nedoma, piano; Matthew Stavrakas, bass; Jun Mok Kim, drums.

8 p.m. - Jorrit Dijkstra Duos
Joseph Copeland, voice; Kai Sandoval, trumpet; Tyler Burchfield, saxophone; Alec Harper, saxophone; Ben Eunson, guitar; Andrew Schiller, bass; Robin Lohrey, piano.

9 p.m. - John Lockwood Ensemble
Michael Mayo, voice; Kevin Sun, saxophone; Isaac Wilson, piano; A. J. Durham, guitar; Simon Willson, bass; Robin Baytas, drums.

Wednesday, April 10

7 p.m. - Jason Moran Ensemble A
Joseph Copeland, voice; Kai Sandoval, trumpet; Jack Finucane, saxophone; Kevin Sun, saxophone; Evan Allen, piano; Jeremy Marx, guitar; Jesse Heasly, bass; Connor Baker, drums.

8 p.m. - Jason Moran Ensemble B
David Neves, trumpet; Tyler Burchfield, saxophone; Alec Harper, saxophone; Chase Morrin, piano; Ben Eunson, guitar; Kevin Abdella, bass; Robin Baytas, drums.

9 p.m. - Oscar Stagnaro Ensemble
Jake Baldwin, trumpet; Christian Contreras, saxophone; Quinn Carson, trombone; Henrique Eisenmann, piano; Vaughn Stoffey, guitar; Daniel Raney, bass; Joseph Musacchia, drums/percussion; Ryan Sands, drums/percussion.

Tuesday, April 16

6 p.m. - Peter Row Indian Ensemble
Lukas Papenfusscline, voice; Abigale Reisman, Rachel Panitch and Ben Andrews, violin; Valerie Thomson, cello; Nima Mohammadi, oud; Mark Goldstein, guitar.

7 p.m. - Hankus Netsky Jewish Ensemble
Alexander Monti and Marnen Laibow-Koser, violin; Zoe Christiansen, clarinet; Jacob Means, mandolin; Jeremiah Klarman, piano; Daniel Pencer, clarinet and saxophone; Ilya Portnov, harmonica; Hui Weng, guzheng.

8 p.m. - Anthony Coleman Survivors Breakfast Ensemble
Sarah Jarosz, mandolin and voice; Abigale Reisman, violin; Allie Simpson, viola; Daniel Pencer, saxophone; Zoe Christiansen, clarinet and accordion; Jussi Reijonen, oud and guitar; Borey Shin, accordion; Joelle Wagner, bassoon; Mark Goldstein, trumpet; Nima Mohammadi, oud and kamancheh; Arian Shaffee, guitar; Simon Hanes, bass; Kiyoe Wellington, bass; Valerie Thompson, cello; Evan Allen, piano; Jeff Balter, drums and percussion; Andria Nicodemou, vibraphone and percussion.

9 p.m. - Linda Chase Interdisciplinary Ensemble
Jinhee Jung, flute; Marnen Laibow-Koser, piano; Oliver Strasser, guitar; Dan Karp, bass; Hui Weng, guzheng.

Wednesday, April 17

7 p.m. - Joe Morris CI Ensemble
Abigale Reisman and Rachel Panitch, violin; Anna Patton, clarinet; Joelle Wagner, bassoon; Sonny Lalchandani, sitar; Andria Nicodemou, vibes; Jussi Reijonen, oud; Jeff Balter, drums and percussion.

8 p.m. - Eden MacAdam-Somer American Roots Ensemble
Rebecca Sullivan, voice/piano; Ryan Shannon, violin; Abby Swidler, viola; Hui Weng, guzheng; Dylan McKinstry, mandolin; Ben Andrews, violin/guitar/mandolin; Jacob Means, mandolin/voice; Brad Barrett, bass; Kody Glazer, trombone.

9 p.m. - Amir Milstein Choro Ensemble
Natalie Cadet, Deepti Navaratna and Lukas Papenfusscline, voice; Rachel Panitch, violin; Daniel Pencer, woodwinds; Ilya Portnov, harmonica; Zoe Christiansen, clarinet; Stephen Gordon, piano; Jacob Means, guitar; Sonny Lalchandani, sitar; Simon Willson, bass; Joe Musacchia and Vessela Stoyanova, percussion.

Monday, April 22

7 p.m. - Bert Seager Ensemble
Wonmi Jung, voice; David Adewumi, trumpet; Eric Stilwell, trombone; Jose Soto, piano; Andres Abenante, guitar; Isaac Levien, bass; Ryan Sands, drums.

8 p.m. - Ted Reichman Jazz Ensemble
Billy McShane and Wyatt Palmer, saxophone; Clayton DeWalt, trombone; Matthew Delligatti, guitar; Evan Allen, piano; Henry Fraser, bass; Connor Baker, drums.

Thursday, April 25

7 p.m. - Joe Hunt Ensemble
David Neves, trumpet; William McKenna, saxophone; Dan Gabel, trombone; Nikolaos Amadolis, piano; Thomas Holladay, guitar; Robin Cain, bass; Nick Linder, drums.

8 p.m. - Cecil McBee Monday Evening Ensemble
Gabriel Dowdy-Terracciano, violin; Aaron DuBenion, trumpet; Jacob Sieckman, saxophone; Robin Lowry, piano; Vaughn Stoffey, guitar; Daniel Raney, bass; Colin Rosso, drums.

9 p.m. - Cecil McBee Tuesday Morning Ensemble
Liz Tobias, voice; Aaron Bahr, trumpet; Carlos Fernandez, saxophone; Quinn Carson, trombone; Jiri Nedoma, piano; Thomas Holladay, guitar; Zwelahke Bell le Pere, bass; Willie Rodriguez, drums.

Monday, April 29

7 p.m. - Bob Moses Wednesday Ensemble
Christian Contreras, saxophone; Hery Paz, saxophone; Alfred Brewer, trombone; Isaac Wilson, piano; Vaughn Stoffey, guitar; Robin Cain, bass; Russell Holzman, drums.

8 p.m. - Joe Morris Monday Morning Ensemble
Jonathan Gaines, trumpet; Billy McShane, saxophone; Christian Contreras, saxophone; Luke Marantz, piano; Anthony Ambroso, guitar; Patrick Kuehn, bass; Nick Neuberg, drums.

9 p.m. - Joe Morris Evening Ensemble
Jack Finucane, saxophone; Tom Chalmers, trombone; Alec Watson, piano; Andrew Clinkman, guitar; Dorsey Bass, bass; Jesse Heasly, bass; Connor Baker, drums.

Tuesday, April 30

7 p.m. - Dominique Eade Tuesday Ensemble
Samantha Stevens, Wonmi Jung, Sam Jones and Marisa Waller, voice; Jose Soto, piano; Max Light, guitar; Daniel Raney, bass; Russell Holzman, drums.

8 p.m. - Dominique Eade Wednesday Ensemble
Camille Avery, Joseph Copeland, Katya Dreyer-Oren, Michael Mayo and Akenya Seymour, voice; Evan Allen, piano; Anthony Ambroso, guitar; Dorsey Bass, bass; Carl Pillot, drums.

9 p.m. - Dominique Eade Thursday Ensemble
Sung Huh, Ah Young Min, Rebecca Sullivan and Liz Tobias, voice; Shane Simpson, piano; Eung Min Cho, guitar; Patrick Kuehn, bass; Nick Linder, drums.

Wednesday, May 1

7 p.m. - Bob Nieske Tuesday Ensemble
Josh Gilbert, trumpet; Travis Bliss, saxophone; Eric Stillwell, trombone; Chris McCarthy, piano; Lorenzo Marquez, guitar; Liam Birkerts, bass; Ryan Sands, drums.

8 p.m. - Bob Nieske Thursday Ensemble
Akenya Seyour, voice; Aaron Dubenion, trumpet; William Bridges, saxophone; John Cushing, trombone; Steven Gordon, piano; Matthew Delligatti, guitar; Henry Fraser, bass; Nick Neuberg, drums.

9 p.m. - Jerry Leake World Rhythm Studies
Carl Pillot and Russell Holtzman, drums.

New England Conservatory's Jazz Studies Department was the first fully accredited jazz studies program at a music conservatory. The brainchild of Gunther Schuller who moved quickly to incorporate jazz into the curriculum when he became President of the Conservatory in 1967, the unprecedented program was approved by the National Association of Schools of Music and began offering classes in September 1969. Closely allied to the Jazz Studies program was his Third Stream department (now Contemporary Improvisation), which came along a few years later, building bridges between classical music, jazz and related genres.

Jazz Studies faculty have included Carl Atkins, Jaki Byard, Jimmy Giuffre, six MacArthur "Genius" grant recipients (Steve Lacy, George Russell, Ran Blake, Gunther Schuller, Miguel Zenón and Jason Moran) and four NEA Jazz Masters (Schuller, Bob Brookmeyer, Russell and Ron Carter). Current faculty, led by Jazz Studies Chair Ken Schaphorst, are among the most distinguished jazz artists of today: Jerry Bergonzi, Ran Blake, Luis Bonilla, Anthony Coleman, Dominique Eade, Billy Hart, Fred Hersch, Dave Holland, Cecil McBee, Donny McCaslin, John McNeil, Jason Moran, Bob Moses, Brad Shepik and Miguel Zenon, among others.

Prominent NEC alumni include Darcy James Argue, Bruce Barth, Richie Barshay, Don Byron, Regina Carter, Freddy Cole, Marilyn Crispell, Dave Douglas, Marty Ehrlich, Ricky Ford, Satoko Fujii, Jerome Harris, Fred Hersch, Roger Kellaway, Mat Maneri, Harvey Mason, Andy McGhee, Bill McHenry, John Medeski, Vaughn Monroe, Michael Moore, Noah Preminger, Jamie Saft, George Schuller, Luciana Souza, Chris Speed, Cecil Taylor, Daniel Tepfer, Cuong Vu, Phil Wilson, Bo Winiker, Bernie Worrell and Rachel Z. As of the 2012-2013 school year, the program has 61 undergraduate and 45 graduate students representing 12 countries.

Founded in 1972 by musical visionaries Gunther Schuller and Ran Blake, New England Conservatory's Contemporary Improvisation program celebrates its 40th anniversary in the 2012-2013 season with a series of events in Boston and New York City. NEC's CI Program trains creative musicians to broaden their musical palettes and develop unique voices as composer/performer/ improvisers and is unparalleled for its structured approach to ear training and its emphasis on singing, memorization, harmonic sophistication, aesthetic integrity, and stylistic openness. Under Blake's guidance for its first twenty-six years, the program expanded its offerings under subsequent chairs Allan Chase and Hankus Netsky. Alumni include clarinetist/composer Don Byron, keyboardist John Medeski, pianist Jacqueline Schwab, and vocalist Aoife O'Donovan; faculty include violinist Carla Kihlstedt, iconic improvisational pianist Blake, vocalist Dominique Eade, and pianist/composer/ improviser Anthony Coleman. Appearing at a departmental event in the fall of 2011 that included world music, chamber music and free improvisation, Gunther Schuller, who coined the term "Third Stream" in the 1950s and articulated the idea of the "Complete Musician" during his presidency at NEC remarked: "I feel that my vision for this department has now been realized." The program currently has 43 undergrad and graduate students from 15 countries.

More Information: http://necmusic.edu/jazz-studies

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