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Performer Magazine Exclusive, CMT Edge Exclusive, Rave Reviews Greet Americana/Folk/Roots Rockers Roosevelt Dime, as U.S. Tour Takes Shape
(Published: February 21, 2014)

Performer Magazine Exclusive, CMT Edge Exclusive, Rave Reviews Greet Americana/Folk/Roots Rockers Roosevelt Dime, as U.S. Tour Takes Shape

"One of the first breakthrough independent albums of 2014"

A "sense of effervescent motion, of constant but thrilling change"

From a Performer Magazine Exclusive Video Premiere to a CMT Edge Exclusive Album Preview, to rave reviews describing their CD as "one of the first breakthrough independent albums of 2014," having a "sense of effervescent motion, of constant but thrilling change," Americana/folk/roots rockers Roosevelt Dime are delivering on the promise of their impressive ‘Full Head of Steam,' which will be released March 4th. A U.S. tour is set for Spring, and details follow below.

The first thing you notice is the ‘sound' of their music...a milky, back-of-the-barn vibe that's a breath of fresh air in a world of harsh, digital sleight of hand. Indeed, most of the album was recorded live to analog tape, and the dust, sweat and moonshine are palpable. Next thing that hits you is the intelligence, wit and musicianship of the band (a quartet at its core, but featuring many special guest artists,). Then the songs jump into your ears, one after another - these are Americana/folk/roots rockers that feel like ‘hits' -- from New Orleans' horns in "I Want Mo!", to the dual vocals on "Down on Your Luck," to the infectious "Crazy Bout You" - easily a centerpiece of the album.  Creating foot-stomping, distinctive music is not an easy thing to pull off, and Roosevelt Dime does it repeatedly.
ROOSEVELT DIME is: Andrew Green: banjo, guitar, lead vox; Eben Pariser: bass, bucket bass, lead vox; Tony Montalbano: drums, backup vox; Seth Paris: clarinet, saxophones, backup vox.

2/2014 By Benjamin Ricci
PERFORMER is super psyched to present an exclusive video premiere for a terrific Americana/rock/folk band, Roosevelt Dime. Watch "Crazy Bout You" below and pick up the group's new LP, Full Head of Steam, now digitally and on CD March 4th. Upcoming tour dates for the band can be found here , check ‘em out. Enjoy!

CMT EDGE - EXCLUSIVE Q&A and ALBUM PREMIERE - ‘OH TO BE' 1/13/2014 By Craig Shelburne http://www.cmtedge.com/2014/01/13/roosevelt-dime-turn-on-oh-to-be/

Roosevelt Dime is a Brooklyn-based band that describes its sound as "steamboat soul," thanks to a swingin' horn section and unmistakably cool groove. But it was a different sort of vessel that inspired one of their liveliest numbers, "Oh to Be."

The infectious track is a highlight of Full Head of Steam, arriving digitally on Tuesday (Jan. 14). Among the album's many special guests, Chris Eldridge of the Punch Brothers lends his appealing acoustic guitar to "Oh to Be."

Andrew Green, who shares lead vocals and songwriting duties with Eben Pariser, traded emails with CMT Edge about the catchy new tune.

CMT Edge: What do you remember about the day that the idea for "Oh to Be" came to you' And how did you wrap up writing it' I understand there was some scotch involved.
Green: I first got the idea while returning home from a recording session in Staten Island on the ferry. Maybe it was seeing the gulls lazing around the New York harbor - the first line I came up with was "oh to be a bird in the sky." The whole first draft of the song was animal based - "oh to be a fish in the sea, a fly on the wall," etc. It was more like a Raffi song at that time!
When I brought the tune to Eben to start working on it together, we focused on the chorus, which was unfinished. There was definitely some liquid courage involved, which usually helps to get the creative juices flowing and reduces the anxiety of co-writing where you have to be comfortable with the fact that 99 out of 100 ideas that you put out there will stink.
We finally hit something we were happy with by stretching out the chorus to fit around our lyrical/melodic hook almost like how Paul Simon would do. Once we got that to feel good, I went back and rewrote all the verses to fit a more romantic vibe.

Having a horn section in your music sets you apart. What do those parts bring out in this particular song'
Having horns play swing parts alongside three-finger, Scruggs-style banjo is a musical cross-pollination that is unusual. It's what led us to come up with the term "steamboat soul" to describe parts of our music.
Many of our songs leave a lot of space for the horns to improvise, but here they are more of a subtle contrast to all the bluegrassy sounds and a way of adding rhythmic punch to the choruses. They almost have a "Graceland" feel. Eben had the idea to give them a quick chance to open up on the second chorus, which is a really great moment because the song is very restrained up until that point, and then all of a sudden, you get this burst of New Orleans-style horn-shouting.

I imagine this will be a fan favorite when you play live. When someone comes to see you perform, what can they expect'
"Oh to Be" is definitely a great one to play. The melody is simple and repetitive enough that folks often sing along the first time they hear it. The audience picks right up on that clap on the fourth beat. It's always special and cool when the whole venue starts rocking all together.
We joke that "clap-folk" has become its own genre based on the appeal of Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros and the Lumineers , but really those type of hits and sonic hooks go way back to Motown, early rock ‘n' roll and ultimately the blues, field hollers and work songs. We later realized that Aerosmith used that same fourth beat accent on "Janie's Got a Gun."
Fans can expect a bit of a musical journey traversing from early jug-band and hot-jazz styles [featuring Eben on bucket-bass], through music heavily influenced by bluegrass, rock and Motown, all the way up to modern-sounding stuff like "Oh to Be." There's lots of harmony singing, nice grooves, fine banjo picking and swinging horns. They should come ready to get in on the fun themselves!

The Alternate Root - Top Ten Songs of the Week, CD Review By Danny McCloskey
CD review:

SONG PICK: Roosevelt Dime - "I Want Mo!" (from the album Full Steam Ahead) - Roosevelt Dime may bring a thin sliver of silver into your mind but the 5-piece from Brooklyn are here to change assumptions and preconceived conceptions of how they should exist as you musical change. " The jug band sound of the boys will get you bring you under its spell as the opening rhythm of a New Orleans second line gets split by horns, confessions ("I been down so low") and moments when the sun comes back out from behind the clouds ("since I met you baby all I can say it I Want Mo!).
CD REVIEW: Time at Oberlin College put the men of Roosevelt Dime on the fast track----or at least close to it as the group used the beat of the rails when they cut their musical teeth busking in NYC subway stations. Andrew Green (banjo, guitar) and Eben Pariser (electric and gutbucket bass) left Oberlin to settle in NYC. The pair caught a full house when they plugged in to the inner rhythm monster of percussionist Tony Montalbano and used the big band and African brass background of Seth Paris (clarinet, saxophone) to cash in on the sound of Roosevelt Dime. The band had a name and a place to play yet needed a sound banner to hoist over their musical vessel. Roosevelt Dime fly under the flag of Steamboat Soul, the newest niche market soundtracked with a mix of Appalachian string bands, Memphis Soul and New Orleans Dixieland all stirred around in the musical Brooklyn blender of the band's home base.
Full Head of Steam captures the best of Roosevelt Dime by presenting the songs in the same manner as the live shows that have been capturing fans. The sound of Full Head of Steam could be considered jug band if the jugs in question were the size train yard water tanks. Roosevelt Dime kick off the album with "Oh to Be", a high-stepping paen to the love they have to give. The tune is template for the rest of Full Head of Steam. Banjo notes play tag with assured guitar chords and an orchestra's worth of horns and wood winds rattling and rolling over a percussive onslaught that make The Muppets' Animal's drumming sound like he is playing with one hand. "Calvary" gets close to a dirge slowed step as it gets pulled along by a community of horns and playful guitar work. "Now There's You" uses two track spots for showcasing Roosevelt Dime as a soul band. The tune's intro uses one slot to confide in a near whisper before the horns put a pin to the quiet air and punch a beat for the groove to follow. The band balance Full Head of Steam with original sounds and songs that second line a wish-list ("I Want Mo!) and marry bluegrass banjo and bop-inspired horns ("Crazy ‘Bout You"). Roosevelt Dime show both sides of the relationship coin in "Down on Your Luck", a duet with Molly Venter, with Red Molly chiming in for the chorus. Head Full of Steam re-polishes old folk gems like the Memphis Jug Band's "Cocaine Habit Blues" and the party-starting "Deep Elem Blues" as well as offering a fine rendition of the New Orleans heroin-addiction standard "St. James Infirmary" positioning Roosevelt Dime's music as Dr. Dog meets The Band.

http://blogcritics.org/music-review-roosevelt-dime-full-head-of-steam/   BY JACK GOODSTEIN 1/9/14

Full Head of Steam, the new album from Brooklyn-based folk/roots band Roosevelt Dime flavors its ‘just plain folks' vibe with a heavy hand of New Orleans spice, heavy enough to get even casual listeners up on their feet and rocking. In an interview with No Depression, Dime members Andrew Green and Eben Pariser explain what the band aims for: "We were trying to create a sound that was full of energy and infectious." If that's the aim, Full Head of Steam hits the bull's eye.

Their music, whether original composition or traditional cover, is nothing if not infectious. Their lyrics may at times seem a bit awkward, but the catchy music played with joyful abandon goes a long way in making up for anything lacking. And in the end, this a band that hooks you.

Green plays banjo and guitar, while Pariser is on bass and bucket bass. Both handle lead vocals. Drummer Tony Montalbano and Seth Paris on clarinet and saxophones round out the basic quartet. They are joined on individual tracks by a number of guest artists.

The album's basic sensibility is clear from the first two songs. An almost stripped down "Oh To Be," a Green Pariser collaboration with a retro folk vibe, opens the album. It's followed by a real New Orleans rocker in Pariser's "Natchl Culmination," with some down-low horn playing from Paris and guest trumpeter Bruce Harris. "Down on Your Luck," a Pariser tune originally recorded for an earlier album but not released, is done here as a duet with Molly Venter.

Green's "Calvary," inspired by a cemetery he passes while driving on the Brooklyn Queens Expressway, has a surprisingly "infectious" (to use their term) chorus, given the subject. A jazzy arrangement of "I Want Mo!" moves back to Dixie with some very intense work from the horns once again, along with some effective background vocals. "Now There's You" starts with an introduction reminiscent of a rhythm and blues ballad from back in the '50s, leading to what they call a "doo-wop vibe" in the liner notes. "Crazy Bout You," which gets a reprise at the end of the set, is an old-fashioned romp made for smiles.

The traditional songs include "Cocaine Habit Blues," "Deep Elem Blues" and a sweet "totally" live take of the classic "St. James Infirmary." Paris contributes some fine clarinet highlights and Harris adds some killer work on the trumpet. It is a great song handled with the respect it deserves.
Syndicated via the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and elsewhere

SOMETHINGELSEREVIEWS - Album Preview - By Nick DeRiso, 1/1/14   http://somethingelsereviews.com/2014/01/01/roosevelt-dime-full-head-of-steam-2014/
You'd think all of this knee-slapping banjo jazz, rip-snorting jug music and grease-popping soul would be emanating from somewhere in the kudzu-covered reaches of the Deep South - not Brooklyn. But that's precisely where the four-piece Americana roots-rocking Roosevelt Dime came up with these 12 genre-busting tracks - or, it seems more precisely, somewhere in transit.

The opening "Oh To Be," a plucky paean to love, was sparked on the Staten Island Ferry. "Calvary," a loping historical piece that would have fit on the Band's first couple of albums, grew out of trips past the Calvary Cemetery on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. "I Want Mo," this boisterous street-parade of a tune, was written on the Q Train - and honed through busking at Union Square Station.

And maybe that sense of effervescent motion, of constant but thrilling change, is the larger theme of Full Head of Stream - right down to its title. The album, due for digital release on January 14, 2014, has fizzy, restless energy. Roosevelt Dime never settles into any one genre, or any one groove for long.

"Natchl Culmination" plays like a wailing New Orleans lament, while "Now There's You" rumbles like a shivering rockabilly blues. "Deep Elem Blues" plays like a hootenany folk song, but with these bright asides on trumpet, while the eponymous closing track takes us to the bottom of a brown bottle of economic despair - before ramping up into a tongue-wagging lindy hop. It's that kind of record.

The Record-Journal in Meriden, CT By Jim Pasinski JANUARY 5, 2014 - CD REVIEW

CD Review: Roosevelt Dime Come At You With A "Full Head Of Steam"
From Brooklyn, NY comes Dixieland jazz band Roosevelt Dime presents one of the first breakthrough independent albums of 2014 with "Full Head Of Steam." Their sound combines that classic New Orleans sound with a modern folk/Americana feel. The new album will be released digitally on January 14th and physical copy will become available on March 4th.

The dozen songs that make up the new release, begins with the fun, foot-stomping pop-folk of "Oh To Be," which features the Punch Brothers' Chris "Cutter" Eldridge on guitar. The female lead vocals of Molly Venter along with Red Molly mixes things up on "Down On Your Luck," before reaching a fuller folk/rock sound on "Calvary." The band gets loose on "I Want Mo!" and gets down and dirty with the horn-filled, R&B flavor of "Now There's You." Roosevelt Dime put their stamp on the traditional "St. James Infirmary" and add an up-tempo, party spin to "Deep Elem Blues." The album closes with the band's title-song "Roosevelt Dime" as they finish with a chorus that makes sure you remember the band's name.

They will be appearing in Putnam, CT on January 24 and Westport, CT on January 25 to start out the new year. To find out more about this fun, new and exciting album from Roosevelt Dime, please visit rooseveltdimemusic.com.

Upcoming Tour Dates:
Thursday, March 6, 2014       Portland, ME
Roosevelt Dime CD Release @ One Longfellow Square

Friday, March 7, 2014             Unity, ME
Roosevelt Dime CD Release @ Unity College Center for the Performing Arts

Saturday, March 8, 2014        Winooski, VT
Roosevelt Dime CD Release @ The Monkey House

Saturday, April 5, 2014          New Bedford, MA
Roosevelt Dime CD Release @ Salon Concerts at the Wamsutta Club

Sunday, April 6, 2014             Hamden, CT
Roosevelt Dime CD Release @ The Outer Space

Thursday, April 10, 2014        New York, NY
NYC Record Release Party w/ Darlingside @ Rockwood Music Hall (Stage 2)
Home sweet home! Big record release show with special guests. And fellow Falcon Ridge Emerging Artist winners Darlingside will kick off the night.

Saturday, April 12, 2014        Nashua, NH
Simple Gifts Coffeehouse @ Unitarian Universalist Church of Nashua

Saturday, April 19, 2014        Wellsville, NY
Roosevelt Dime CD Release @ Wellsville Creative Arts Center

Saturday, April 26, 2014        Hastings-on-hudson, NY
Roosevelt Dime CD Release @ Common Ground Coffeehouse
Sunday, April 27, 2014           Philadelphia, PA
Philly Folk Society Presents Roosevelt Dime @ Yards Brewing Company
Friday, May 2, 2014               Lancaster, PA
Roosevelt Dime CD Release @ Tellus360

Tour updates, here: http://rooseveltdimemusic.com/tour/

About the Band:
To listen to the music of Roosevelt Dime is to take a journey through American roots music. Inspired by Appalachian string bands, Memphis soul, New Orleans dixieland, and the musical melting pot of Brooklyn which they call home, the band has forged a sound they've come to call Steamboat Soul. After years of thrilling audiences at festivals and venues across the country, the band has fully captured the energy and musicianship of their live performance on Full Head of Steam (2014).

Andrew Green (banjo, guitar) and Eben Pariser (electric bass, gutbucket bass) met at Oberlin College and continued their musical collaboration after settling in NYC. Tony Montalbano brought his distinctive drumming to the band shortly after, and Seth Paris (clarinet, saxophone) added his background in big band and west African brass music to fill out the diverse sound. The band developed by busking in the streets and subways, where they learned what it takes to stop someone in their tracks, turn them from a stranger into a listener, from a listener into a sidewalk lindy-hopper.

The community of musicians who have contributed / taken part in Roosevelt Dime over the years is an interesting part of the story. Chris Eldridge, guest guitarist on "Down on Your Luck" and "Oh To Be" is a member of the prominent folk-group Punch Brothers, and has recently been featured on T-Bone Burnett and Coen Bros' Inside Llewyn Davis soundtrack. Bruce Harris, who has toured and played with the band full time for nearly 2 years is now performing in After Midnight, the Broadway musical with a big-band put together by Wynton Marsalis. Harris also regularly performs at Jazz at Lincoln Center. Guest vocals on "Down on Your Luck" feature Molly Venter and her group Red Molly, which has grown to be one of the top folk acts in the country.

It's the writing that takes center stage and sets Roosevelt Dime apart though. With Green and Pariser penning the tunes and sharing lead vocal duties, they can conjure The Band and Dr. Dog on "Calvary" as seamlessly as Professor Longhair and Jackie Wilson on "I Want Mo!" not to mention bringing new life to the traditional songbook with a wailing version of "St. James Infirmary" and their clave-propelled "Cocaine Habit Blues."

Roosevelt Dime has been featured in The Philadelphia Folk Fest, Musikfest, No Depression , On Your Radar with WFUV's John Platt, and official showcases at the International Folk Alliance in Memphis 2011, and Toronto 2013.

Individual Band Member Bios here (worth a read!):

The New Haven Register recently ran a tour preview feature:
Don't expect to see everyone at CT Folk's latest First Fridays concert Friday night at the First Presbyterian Church sitting politely, nodding their heads - or even tapping their toes - like they're at some sort of FOLK MUSIC show.
Roosevelt Dime (http://rooseveltdimemusic.com/) is playing, and while the Brooklyn-based quartet (or sometimes larger) certainly is deeply steeped in the folk tradition, these guys ROCK! They also swing like banshees and know how to thump up a jugband-driven, dripping-with-soul storm.
It's highly unlikely that fannies will remain in seats for long.
Roosevelt Dime is sort of like something you might imagine during a drunken night on a Mississippi riverboat in days of yore, maybe as it steams down from St. Louis to Memphis and finally to New Orleans. But since you're imagining it, it's still got a bit of the Brooklyn hipster - and maybe a brief cameo by Django Reinhardt subbing in a klezmer band - in there somewhere.
They've dubbed this music, and named their most recent studio CD, "Steamboat Soul" - and that's as good a description as any.
The show at 704 Whitney Ave. begins at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $15 in advance - available at www.ctfolk.org - or $20 at the door.
Listen closely to Roosevelt Dime's music and you hear bits of Appalachia, a snippet or two of Dixieland, some Memphis horns and some soulful clarinet that could just as easily be lifted from klezmer as early St. Louis or New Orleans jazz.
While they've got several recordings out there, a snapshot of Roosevelt Dime's live performance is due out in 2014 on "Full Head of Steam."
The band took shape when banjo and guitar player Andrew Green and electric and "gutbucket" bass player Eben Pariser met at Oberlin College in Ohio. They continued playing together after both moved to New York City.
They were later joined by drummer Tony Montalbano and Seth Paris on clarinet and saxophone, at first busking in the streets and subways and later moving on to clubs and other venues.
"Full Head of Steam," recorded primarily live and direct to analog tape, also features guest collaborators Chris Eldridge of the Punch Brothers and Red Molly and New York players Bruce Harris and Sam Hoyt on trumpet and David Farrell on piano. It's mostly original music, but also includes modern updates of some classic traditional songs, including "St. James Infirmary" and "Cocaine Habit Blues."

Visit: http://rooseveltdimemusic.com/

More Information: http://rooseveltdimemusic.com/

Email Address:


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