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Quirky-Cool JPRiZM Takes Hip Hop Back to the Future with Frenetic ‘Vigil N Tea’ Video -- It's Hip Hop with a Comic-Con Twist
(Published: September 04, 2014)

September 4, 2014

‘Electro Hop' JPRiZM Makes a Name For Himself as Quirky-Cool Star-on-the-Rise, as He Takes Hip Hop Back to the Future and Mines His Nerdcore Love of Comic Books, Sci-Fi, Technology and Escapism to Create an Invigorating Sonic Landscape

A Marvel and DC Universe Enthusiast Imagines What it Would be Like ‘If the Fan Became the Hero''; This is Hip Hop with a Comic-Con Twist

On-Camera Interview with Boston Journalist Jim Sullivan Reveals a Thoughtful, Multi-Faceted Emerging Artist

Writer, Rapper, Singer, Producer, DJ JPRiZM (aka Jared Price) lives in a place where the nerds and the cool kids mash up. He's a young star on the rise, a quirky new force in what he describes as ‘Electro-hip hop' (or ‘Electro Hop,') and he's emerged as a wicked-cool live EDM performer as well.

As the name suggests, he is like a ‘prism' - multi-faceted, and a reflection of the world around him (not to mention the colorful landscape of his spectacular daydreams). Jared finds inspiration in an idealized world where his love of Marvel and DC comic books, video games, sci-fi, music-related technology and escapism fuel his creativity. Part Gotham, part Mayberry, JPRiZM mines the cool, immersing himself in a world of Electro Hop fantasy...along the way, he takes the genre to a cutting-edge new destination.

This is hip hop with a Comic-Con twist, and JPRiZM is geared up and ready for action, as seen in this new video, for the track ‘Vigil N Tea' (‘Vigilante',) in which he imagines himself as a cubicle worker by day, and vigilante superhero by night:

The ‘big picture' of this young artist, and where he came from, is articulated via this lengthy on-camera interview by acclaimed journalist James Sullivan (former music editor of The Boston Globe):

JPRiZM has managed to bridge the gap between hardcore and Nerdcore. His writing starts with the beats and his embrace of futuristic sounds and modern technology keeps him ahead of the curve, both on stage and in the studio. For example, he recently performed two opening DJ sets for rap icons Bone Thugs-n-Harmony (and their hardcore hip hop fans,) and wowed the crowds with his EDM DJing beats/hi-tech instrumental music mixes; and no swearing, all clean, at a hip hop event.

His audience is late teens to early thirties, left-of-center quirky and future-billionaire-nerdy. His diverse indie pop-meets-hip hop ‘Mindwalker' album was soft-released last year via social media, for a limited time only. It is now available nationwide. A brief college radio campaign saw the album hit #6 on the CMJ Hip Hop chart. Listen via Spotify:

JPRiZM shares the following thoughts about his ‘Vigil N Tea' video:
"Vigilante is my super hero anthem, the path on MiNDWALKER that gives a glimpse into what it would be like to be Batman, or Spiderman ... having a normal life be flipped on its side at night and becoming an alternate reality. That's what vigilante means to me ... I wanted to try to capture the feeling that Bruce Wayne or Peter Parker had when they put on their masks for the first time and became more than themselves, when they became a symbol ... I wanted to give the listener a roller coaster vocal performance like I was fighting a super boss villain or jumping from roof top to roof top surveying the darkness for evil doers or something like that ... hence, the high octane, rapid fire flow and the frenetic beat. I'd found myself sitting at a 9 to 5 job in a cubicle mind walking (day dreaming) about how sick it would be if I just pulled a Clark Kent and transformed into a vigilante with super mutant strength to pay homage to the super hero culture. Like many in my generation I grew up as a big fan of the Marvel and DC comic book universes and I wanted to compose a song about what it would be like if the fan became one of the heroes."

Watch highlights of JPRiZM's recent Redstar Union Live performance in Cambridge, MA:

JPRiZM delves into the world of Nerdcore for the first time. Watch ‘GOLEM':
JPRiZM has just dropped his new album MiNDWALKER, a mixture of contemporary musical influences and pop culture references. The Boston rapper/lyricist and beatmaker releases this video to accompany the track Golem from the album. The visual is vaguely reminiscent of something you might expect from The Gorillaz - Watch the animated clip: http://www.theunheardnerd.com/jprizm-golem-video/

JPRiZM Biography:
JPRiZM is a fresh name on the Boston music scene, blasting onto it with his debut album "Mindwalker." Check it out and you'll hear cool jams from a man whose head is crammed full of ideas, someone who casually breaks through genre boundaries. But it's not as if the artist who was born Jared Price has just arrived, either. Before he decided to leap in front of a mic and become JPRiZM - to write lyrics, sing, rap and perform - the teenaged Price recorded and released instrumental music under the names Ravage Panda, Johnny Foresight and Knobbs. His current (and permanent) name JPRiZM' "That moniker came out because I have such a vast appreciation for different music genres," he says. "And also my name is Jared Price, JP, JPRiZM." As he posts on his Facebook page: "Prisms look different every time you look at them. Always changing. Depends on which way the light is hitting it at the time. With me, on any given day, I might be into EDM, hip hop, indie pop or trip hop." "I have a huge love affair with synthesizers. Pads, Moog sounds - that's what really gets me going, music-wise, as a creator." His early musical influences were not well-known artists, per se, but the accompanying music on Sonic and Sega Genesis games. "A strange non-conventional place," he says, with a soft laugh. "The music playing in the background while I was jamming out with the joysticks really motivated me to want to make my own music. That's when I feel the most alive, when I'm jamming out to some spacey sounds." As JP got older, he says, "I started to appreciate music, like as a student. The groups I had listened to for lyrics were A Tribe Called Quest and de la Soul. Also for the rhythmic melodies that they had, and the different beats. It was fresh to me, new ideas." The creation of "Mindwalker" started as instrumental album, but evolved into an album with vocals: "I just kind of did some subtraction and made some space for my voice to be heard." What, you may wonder, is a mindwalker' "A mindwalker is basically an ambassador to curiosity," says JPRiZM. "Just to be able to bring yourself to another place that you never thought you could go, to expand your creative bounds." JPRiZM likes spacey instrumental passages, dreamy synth lines, electronic beats, uplifting vocals and killer hook. He writes songs about exploration, about nature, about the search for love. And songs with science fiction themes and tall tales with those aforementioned comic book heroes. He's not singing or rapping about gold chains, drug-dealer dreams and babes with big booties. "I don't feel that you need to do that in order to get your ideas across," JPRiZM says, "that in order to be creative, that you need to go to that place in order to make something great. As long as you have a good story to tell and you have good melody and you have good flow to what you're saying - and foremost having good musicality with it - I think you can get your message across." JPRiZM was a one-man band, recording all the parts on "Mindwalker." "I just call it one big smorgasbord of fascination, just a wheel of fortune, just always changing. I'm always experimenting and trying to pull different things together. So it's definitely like a Jackson Pollock approach to music. It's like throwing stuff up there, and seeing what happens." The album is a collection of indie pop, hip hop and EDM songs. The college music market discovered JPRiZM and has shown its love for his sound as his Minwalker album climbed to #6 on the hip hop charts, a strong debut for any new indie artist. Being from Boston is important to JPRiZM - but he's thinking worldwide "and being able to connect with people from all over the world who share my interests, and to share my appreciation for the music that I've loved and to have aspirations to create. Once my album dropped I had a lot of fans from all over the globe." With the kinetic and diverse "Mindwalker" out there and his tight-knit band behind him, JPRiZM has been launching his live music set, playing both live music and spinning as a DJ. "I'm out of my base cave to show the world what I do." JPRiZM is confident, but not cocky. "The hope is to touch everything," he says. "To continue to produce other acts, to electrify audiences with my own live artistry as a rapper-singer-songwriter-musician. To also touch the world of instrumentals, whether it be through film scoring or to just put out my own beats. To be a part of different art ventures. Just to touch everything, to bring other artists to my record label and put out some of the acts that I appreciate, the sounds that I love and enjoy."

Visit: http://www.jprizm.com/
Visit: http://www.sonicbids.com/band/jprizm/feed/
Visit: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDuYsgXQgP6lcTh66YVmmGA

More Information: http://https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=un1dOZT_lXU&feature=youtu.be

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