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‘Rhythmic Novelist’ Equates Parents with Electronic Devices in Cleverly-Written Nerdcore Track; Boston Rapper JPRiZM Shares Most Autobiographical Song to Date via New Music Video, 'Planes 2 Sea'
(Published: January 07, 2015)

Raised in a ‘Gen Y Millennial' Environment of Virtual Stimulation, ‘Rhythmic Novelist' Equates Parents with Electronic Devices in Cleverly-Written ‘Planes 2 Sea'

Boston Rapper JPRiZM Continues to Mine His Distinctive ‘Nerdcore' Niche with Memorable Video Content and Autobiographical Songs

Recently Featured via THE BOSTON GLOBE / BOSTON.COM

Boston Rapper and ‘Rhythmic Novelist' JPRiZM (aka Jared Price) shares his most autobiographical song to-date in the new video for ‘Planes 2 Sea,' which debuted today:

Raised in a self-described ‘Gen Y Millennial' environment of virtual stimulation, young Jared grew up with an after-school world of electronic companions and created a fantasy life that now drives his music and creativity as an adult. In ‘Planes 2 Sea', he imagines the evolution of his ‘mother/video companion', from Sega Genesis to Xbox/PS4, and a similar virtual trajectory for his ‘father,' who begins as an old-fashioned tube television and ends up as a flat screen TV. It's a clever perspective, yet utterly representative of JPRiZM's hip and self-professed ‘Nerdcore' roots - and filled with contemporary references.  Some lyrics, here:

Mother was a sega genesis
My father was tube television showin sci fi flix
I was birthed from the entertainment bliss
All day bamboo streets of rage 2
skate and axel was my crew 
Mother upgraded to a Playstation
Now Life was grand Theft Auto Maison
Metal Gear Solid And tekken
many moons  up in my room
staying consumed by the virtual boom
Little did I know what loomed
Young warrior plugged in to the Matrix in my room
Like a lost boy beyond the stars and moon

Full song lyrics, here: http://www.jprizm.com/media/uploads/PLANES-2-SEA.pdf

Video footage of the ‘young Jared' in the clip is actually the Rapper's six year-old nephew, and scenes of him playing video games were literally shot in a room in the house that Jared grew up in, to provide a sense of authenticity (the new occupant allowed access to shoot).

Watch a lyric version of the video, via The Unheard Nerd: http://www.theunheardnerd.com/jprizm-planes-2-sea/

Jared provides some further background for the video:
The video was shot primarily in a warehouse in Taunton, Massachusetts.
The significance of shooting Planes 2 Sea in the warehouse was that the empty building was to represent my own house of memories so I could take the audience on a ride revealing the origins of my own curiosities & imagination. Since Planes 2 Sea is the most biographical song off the MiNDWALKER album I figured a stripped down, artsy, storyteller approach would come off nicely. The true idea of Planes 2 Sea is that you need to know who you are, to know where you're going, so I'm making things plain to see, so I can hop a plane and fly across the sea. I owe a lot of the cinematography credit to Abijeet Achar, the filmmaker behind the video, he had some serious moves with the steady - cam we used for the majority of the shoot. He is an Emerson College film grad student from the state of Georgia, by way of Toronto.

The verses of the song tell the story of how I was raised as a child product of entertainment. Being exposed to vast, different science fiction universes and fantasy worlds through film and gaming which sparked / influenced my creativity. The song also touches on how more than any other generation, millennials have seen the boom of video games and virtual entertainment & how it can actually help when you feel alone.
Some memories that came to mind when writing planes 2 sea were picking up a nintendo joystick for the first time. Watching Jurassic Park, then being convinced that dinosaurs still existed, except they hid in the trees at night.

The Boston Globe recently featured JPRiZM and his ‘Vigil N Tea' video, in which he imagines ‘what if the fan became the superhero'' See the story, here:

By Victor Paul Alvarez  Boston.com Staff October 27, 2014

Marvel's Spider-Man is often thought of as the hero who could be you. Boston rapper JPRiZM (Jared Price) has taken Spidey's inspiration deeper into the nerdcore with a new video in which he poses the question: "What if the fan became the hero'"
Called ‘Vigil N Tea,' the song and corresponding video shows JPRiZM as a daytime office drone who fights crime at night. Most of the video was shot in a vacant lot in behind Tropical Foods in Roxbury. (The rest was shot on closed studio sets.)
"Boston definitely needs a super hero," said JPRiZM.
 "This city has a blue collar aesthetic to it. I feel like it wouldn't be someone like [my] vigilante but like a strongman fireman type who stands for everyone. Like Superman, but with yellow pants and suspenders and a fireman hat or a cop uniform."
The video is loaded with comic book and movie tropes, as is the song. This speaks to JPRiZM's true origin story: His love of superheroes actually inspired his music career.
 "Ironically, I got into music through ‘Batman Forever.' I never felt the gravity of a great song like Seal's ‘Kiss From a Rose' until I heard it on the ‘Batman Forever' [soundtrack]."
Little did he know his nerdy leanings would pay dividends years later in a world obsessed with comic book heroes. For instance: Have you ever heard of LARPing' It stands for Live Action Role Playing - basically Dungeons & Dragons for super nerds. As a child of the inner city, JPRiZM was lucky to find LARPING friends and a local park for their adventures.
"I remember being young and making up my own real life RPG [Role Playing Game] of X-Men with a few kids from around the way. [It was] kinda nerdy, but we'd assign each other powers and weaknesses and save cats from trees and look for hidden treasures and radioactive waste sites to discover new abilities and perks. I'd find, like, a pilot light from an old abandoned fridge or something and call it a laser enhancement tool."
Now that he's a musician with video editing tools at his disposal, JPRiZM's - according to the song - is on "another vigilante cold case."

Jared Price lives in a place where the nerds and the cool kids mash up. He's a young star on the rise, a quirky new force in what he describes as ‘Electro-hip hop' (or ‘Electro Hop,') and he's emerged as a wicked-cool live EDM performer as well. As the artist's name suggests, he thinks of himself as a ‘prism' - multi-faceted, and a reflection of the world around him (not to mention the colorful landscape of his spectacular daydreams). As referenced above, Jared finds inspiration in an idealized world where his love of comic books, video games, sci-fi, music-related technology and escapism fuel his creativity, taking the nerdcore genre to a cutting-edge new destination.

The Unheard Nerd - Video Presentation
By Will Harrison, 9/2014

The Record-Journal  (Meriden, CT) -
CD review by Jim Pasinski 10/2014

The ‘big picture' of this young artist, and where he came from, is articulated via this lengthy on-camera interview by acclaimed journalist James Sullivan (former music editor of The Boston Globe):

Watch highlights of JPRiZM's recent Redstar Union Live performance in Cambridge, MA:

JPRiZM has managed to bridge the gap between hardcore and Nerdcore. His writing starts with the beats and heartfelt themes/content, then his embrace of futuristic sounds and modern technology keeps him ahead of the curve, both on stage and in the studio. He recently performed two opening DJ sets for rap icons Bone Thugs-n-Harmony (and their hardcore hip hop fans,) and wowed the crowds with his EDM DJing beats/hi-tech instrumental music mixes; and no swearing, all clean, at a hip hop event.

His diverse indie pop-meets-hip hop ‘Mindwalker' album (which Jared wrote, produced and performed,) was soft-released last year via social media, for a limited time only. It is now available nationwide. A brief college radio campaign saw the album hit #6 on the CMJ Hip Hop chart. Listen via Spotify: http://open.spotify.com/album/2H5kXQgdiBSYD6gBDoIrzO

Visit: http://www.jprizm.com/
Visit: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDuYsgXQgP6lcTh66YVmmGA

More Information: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nHKuUmX3VRQ&feature=youtu.be

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