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Isabel Rose Sets Joe's Pub show for 5/12, with Paige Turner -- "Rose sizzles with her jaw-dropping wardrobe in 'Never Satisfied'" - New Video Parodies Red Carpet Culture
(Published: March 27, 2015)

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March 26, 2015

"Her depiction of the charmed celebrity lifestyle is unapologetic extravagance underpinned with a subtle, yet pointed message that would make early Gaga nod in approval"

"Isabel Rose sizzles with her jaw-dropping wardrobe in ‘Never Satisfied'"

Music Video Parody of Celebrity ‘Red Carpet Culture' and Fashion Obsession, as Singer Rose Pokes Fun at ‘Shock and Awe' Outfits of Jennifer Lopez, Cher, Bjork and Others

Joe's Pub Concert Confirmed for May 12th

Dressing up in Red Carpet outfits that recall the eye-grabbing, ‘shock and awe' garb worn over the years by Cher, Jennifer Lopez, Bjork and others, singer Isabel Rose parodies celebrity fashion obsession in her new video for ‘Never Satisfied'. It's a witty, biting (and subtly sympathetic) view of the pressure female celebrities are under when they make high-profile public appearances. In a lengthy AXS write-up, Allen Foster raved, ""Her depiction of the charmed celebrity lifestyle is unapologetic extravagance underpinned with a subtle, yet pointed message that would make early Gaga nod in approval."

From Bjork's Marjan Pejoski ‘swan dress' to Jennifer Lopez's green Versace show-stopper, to Cher's Bob Mackie creations, Rose plants her tongue firmly-in-cheek as she re-creates these oddly memorable visuals in the new video. She discusses the choices in interviews, below. Watch the clip via the link below.

On May 12th in New York City, Isabel Rose will bring her unabashed performance style to Joe's Pub, joined by Paige Turner. Tickets are available here: http://www.publictheater.org/en/tickets/calendar/playdetailscollection/joes-pub/2015/i/isabel-rose/

AXS Article and video posting:
Isabel Rose sizzles with her jaw-dropping wardrobe in ‘Never Satisfied'  By Allen Foster 3/4/15

Legendary salesman Elmer Wheeler is credited for the sage advice that contends you should not sell the steak, but instead, sell the sizzle. Isabel Rose is the sizzle personified. The gifted vocalist has consummate control over every nuance of her ravishing tone. Her warm, intoxicating, Golden Age vocal glamor envelops her listeners like a luxurious fur, leaving them to bask in the sheer decadence of her lavish voice.
Rose's world is filled with opulent soirées, chic affairs, and invite-only movie star who's who events that perpetually land the socialite on the front page of all the most scandalous Hollywood tabloids. She bathes in diamonds and wakes looking even more radiant than when she went to bed. Her style is effortless and always enviably en vogue. The artist moves with a sleek, feline elegance and captivates with an aloof ease all while never offering her fans any less than everything that they desire.
The ravenous media greedily devour every last drop of fabulous that this poised and polished glam diva has to offer, yet proceed to ask for still more and more. "Never Satisfied" is the Bianca Mincinelli penned, tantalizing ode to the plight of the starlet, and Isabel Rose performs it with a combination of intriguing insight and knee-weakening sensuality.
The video to Ms. Rose's latest single has the haute couture icon putting on a fresh dab of lipstick and checking her stylish compact to confirm that her makeup is, indeed, perfect before gracing the paparazzi with her red carpet sashay. However, before unveiling her latest trendsetting look, the sovereign, fashionista reflects upon her previous galas. At each successive appearance, Isabel's ensembles take a step further away from her natural regal refinement and careen ever closer to simple shock value.
Isabel Rose creates magic. Her depiction of the charmed celebrity lifestyle is unapologetic extravagance underpinned with a subtle, yet pointed message that would make early Gaga nod in approval. Her video enhances Bianca's song, giving it a new shade of meaning, and thus, offers it a new life, one with such raw and naked power that it might even make Miley Cyrus blush.
In a statement on her website, Isabel revealed, "I created this video in order to spark conversation about the efforts women have to go to now on the red carpet. Instead of celebrating the art they've created, the entire event has somehow become focused on what and how a woman has decided to present herself."
You can find "Never Satisfied" on Isabel Rose's latest album entitled, Trouble In Paradise (available via iTunes ). For more information on this provocative star, visit her website , like her on Facebook , follow her on Twitter . and read her blogs ! For more information on songwriter/performer Bianca Mincinelli, like her on Facebook .

VENTS Magazine - Interview feature
By RJ FROMETA on 19 March, 2015

Hi Isabel, welcome to VENTS! How have you been'
Can you talk to us more about the story behind your latest track ¨Never Satisfied¨' How did you come up with the concept for the video' When I recorded the song in the studio, I was thinking about a relationship with a guy, but when it came time to make the video, I felt it would be more culturally impactful to comment on the red carpet. I figured with the film, Fifty Shades of Gray, in the theaters, there really wasn't going to be a way of portraying what "Never Satisfied" might look like between consenting adults without seeming judgmental, prudish or slutty. As none of those adjectives fit my brand objectives as an artist, making a piece about the lengths to which women go for public approval felt better, especially since I did it in a way that's fun, funny and pretty.

What was the dress parody ‘selection process''
I thought about the most memorable red carpet dresses I could think of in the hopes that others might recall the same ones without much prompting. Bjork's Swan, Cher's Bob Mackie creation and J Lo's Versace all came up instantly so I went for them. Even if the viewer doesn't recognize the pastiche, they know that I've taken an outfit and done something outrageous with it: my version of J Lo's dress has no backside; my version of Cher's dress has spiders and dead flies caught in the web of the top; and instead of a swan, I'm wearing a chicken. The parody is both an expression of my admiration for these artists' creativity and also a nod to the lengths women go to for attention. It's also a comment about originality. Each one of those outfits was right for the originator, but if I someone tries to copy them, they're not going to be successful.

How was the filming experience'
Filming is always a lot less glamorous than the final product might suggest. It always takes a huge leap of faith in the team behind you. As the artist out front, I'm praying that the director is getting my best performance, that the DP is getting my best angles, that the lighting designer is creating the most flattering light. You can't be in full control when you're in front of the camera. The most important thing to do is find a way to relax. The camera picks up every nuance. I try to make my ego disappear completely. That way, the make up artist and costumer designer and hair stylist can all do what they need to do with me without my interfering. Interference takes time and time on a set is money. But I also have my tricks for when the going gets tough: peanut m&m's, chamomile tea... and ice for my feet if the shoot involves heels!!! There also may (or may not) be some Wild Turkey involved, too!

The single comes off your latest album Trouble in Paradise - what´s the story behind the title' The title is actually one of the tracks on the album. The minute I heard it I knew it was the right title for the whole kit and kaboodle. It instantly conjures up B-movies, and intrigue: who's in trouble' Am I in trouble' Am I causing trouble' What and where is paradise' Is it a club' An island' A metaphor' It conjures up colors, too- rich, slightly tawdry colors; fun colors; naughty colors. Trouble In Paradise sounds like a whole lot of fun!

How was the recording and writing process'
I had the incredible privilege of working with the producer Bob Rock. He's like a lion king- a true inspiration and the master of his recording universe in a calm and powerful way. Everyone Bob brings to the table is the best at whatever it is they do. So I was surrounded the entire time by people who were better than me, which I greatly enjoyed because I was constantly learning. Though I do write songs, and though there are three originals on this album, I didn't actually write any of them. I collaborated in the arrangements and focused my energy on performance.

Where did you find the inspiration for the songs and lyrics'
I listen to everything- old music, new music, latin music, classical music. Inspiration can come at any time if you're open to it. Some of the songs on the album have been favorites for a long time, and some were new songs I'd never heard before. I have to relate to what I'm singing. As long as there's a way to understand the lyric, I'm ready to rumble. The rest has to do with process-- working slowly and patiently away at a song until it becomes yours.

What was like to work with Bob Rock, and how did that relationship develop'
Working with Bob was humbling, a little scary, and ultimately like having a creative love-affair. Bob is super chill in the studio and makes you feel like you can do anything. He always has your comfort in mind. He also has amazing ears. If he doesn't hear what he wants, he'll ask you to keep going until he's satisfied. I met Bob through a mutual acquaintance. We talked about making a demo or two together but it somehow turned into a two-year, thirteen track odyssey. I was in heaven the whole time. I miss it and think about it to this moment. I was aware, the entire time, that I had a visitors pass to Mt. Olympus and that I'd have to step back down to earth eventually. Still, I was up there, and it was exquisite.

Will you be hitting the road this year' My next gig will be this spring in NYC at Joes Pub on May 12th. I'm looking forward because I'll be debuting some new material. It's always fun to expand creatively.

What else is happening next in Isabel Rose´s world'
I always have a lot of creative balls in the air. In addition to preparing my new show, I'm also finishing my second novel and developing a line of merchandise that reflects the mid-century inspired exuberance I cherish. And of course there are always sequins to sew and friends to see and music to explore.

27East / Southampton Press - Interview feature (excerpts)
The East Hampton Press & The Southampton Press
By Michelle Trauring Mar 24, 2015

Director Jean-Luc Godard once said, "It's not where you take things from-it's where you take things to."

That quote hangs on the wall of Isabel Rose's Manhattan office space. It lingers in her mind as she works at her desk in East Hampton, overlooking one of the three spacious gardens she carefully tends, and loses herself in....

...Admittedly, the independent singer, writer, actor and all-around extrovert is still figuring it out, and explores that theme in her most recent music video, "Never Satisfied," parodying famously outrageous red carpet looks until she, ultimately, bares it all.

 "On the one hand, I admire the women who have found strong statements to make. But in trying to copy them, you're not going to find your answer as a person," Ms. Rose said last week during a telephone interview. "All those outfits do is make you, as a viewer, confront self-expression. You can't be neutral with those outfits."

The fashions in question are Cher's sheer Bob Mackie number at the 1988 Oscars; the plunging, exotic green Versace dress worn by Jennifer Lopez to the 2000 Grammy Awards; and Bjork's iconic, wraparound swan dress, designed by Marjan Pejoski, for the 2001 Oscars.

 "I liked J. Lo's, but I remember thinking, along with everyone else, ‘Wow, she's not leaving too much to the imagination. But good for her-girl can carry it off,'" Ms. Rose laughed. "But I definitely remember going through stages of both horror and admiration, just confusion, with the rest. I know people who are much more excited about the red carpet show than watching the award ceremony. It's such a marketing tool and one that needs to be thought about. "

Initially, this theme was not on her radar when the original song by Bianca Mancinelli fell into her lap. The lyrics described a woman dating a kinky man, and the twist emerged in the bridge: "You may think that it's strange, or that I'm really bad. But I like it that way!" 

That did not resonate with Ms. Rose, or her producer, Bob Rock. 

"He just looked at me and said, ‘I really cannot see you in that scenario,'" she recalled. "We cut the bridge and we were left with something that was more of a complaint. So I started thinking about tango music. Once I got in the studio with a bunch of musicians, they brought another spin to it, and the video took it into an even different realm. Making it from totally being about a relationship to culturally meaningful was a really satisfying evolution."

The video for the single-off her 2014 album, "Trouble in Paradise"-was prepped and shot over the course of 20 hours inside and around a Chelsea art gallery this past winter, with "a lot of smoke and mirrors," Ms. Rose said, considering that, to this day, she hasn't yet graced a red carpet.

 But the artist doesn't seem to mind. Ms. Rose said she knew she would be a performer from a young age: She led every Friday night Shabbat dinner in song, with her guitar, from the time she was 8 years old. Afterward, the family would watch movie musicals. "Singin' in the Rain," "Kiss Me, Kate" and "The Pajama Game" were her favorites...."

When Ms. Rose isn't singing these days, she's working on her second novel, titled "A Member of the Tribe." It's a thriller, she said, about truth and beauty.

"I would really like to finish it in the Hamptons this summer. It's a really great place to be creative, looking out over my garden," she said. "It's very inspiring. "

Isabel Rose will play a concert on May 12 at 7:30 p.m. at Joe's Pub in Manhattan. Tickets are $20. For more information, visit isabelrose.com. 

SKOPE MAGAZINE - Video posting

Rose's ‘Never Satisfied' concept is timely, as the objectification of women at spotlight events is under greater scrutiny than ever. The New York Times weighed in earlier this month as Awards Season unfolded, via this article by Cara Buckley, and suggested that perhaps a revolution is underway:
On the Red Carpet, a Revolt Builds Over the Pageantry - Some A-listers have joined an anti-objectification movement of sorts, which is growing, on the red carpet.  The 2/4/15 article begins: "At this year's Screen Actors Guild Awards, Julianne Moore, Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston made headlines, of a sort, by taking the revolutionary step of refusing to stick their paws in E!'s Mani Cam."    Read the full story, here:


By Mike Ragogna, 2/27/15


To accompany her Huffington Post video premiere, Rose added this exclusive commentary:

"Thanks to the late great, Joan Rivers -- who probably rolled over in her couture casket when she was snubbed by the Academy Award's this year -- red carpet shows have become cultural events in and of themselves, like the Macy's Day parade or the Super Bowl half-time show. Judging from the copious twitter strings that allow the public to weigh in now, too, many people care more about watching the red carpet than they do about the actual ceremony that follows. As a reflection of American values, it seems that spectacle, taste and branding are eclipsing the creative accomplishments that got them there.
Every artist who walks a red carpet today has to make a decision about what that moment will be used for: self-expression, self-exposure, political statement, branding, re-branding or all-of-the-above. Every artist who walks the red carpet today has to decide whom to please: their management, their studio, their stylist, their fans, their fans parents, their children, or--gasp--themselves. I decided to use my latest video, 'Never Satisfied,' as an opportunity to explore these themes of sartorial criticism vs. self-expression while simultaneously paying homage to those iconoclasts whose individuality has stamped an indelible impression in our collective consciousness. It was also exciting to take a song I recorded about a relationship and turn it into something with less victimization attached. It was empowering and liberating, and dare I say it, as much fun as running through a field of daisies buck naked with a glass of Chardonnay."

An all-out, old school, Vegas-style entertainer who is no stranger to multiple wardrobe changes of her own, Rose has previously stated, "Two of my greatest sources of inspiration are Mitzi Gaynor and Charo." At the same time, she recognizes that the focus on women's bodies at red carpet events has gotten out of hand. She articulates her concept for the video: "There's been a lot of discussion lately about how women choose to portray themselves on the red carpet. Some artists feel tremendous pressure to play into the expectations set by paparazzi and fashion "police." They resent the pressure and wish the focus were placed on the work for which they are nominated or are there supporting rather than on the look their stylist and team has created. Others seek the attention like moths to a flame, using the exposure as an opportunity to gain notoriety. I decided to use this video as an opportunity to explore the theme while staying true to my own brand values. I also wanted to open the song up to deeper interpretation. When I recorded it, I was thinking only about the relationship between a man and a woman. This video opens up the song in new and exciting ways."

Further commentary by Rose, along with some famous (or infamous') celebrity photos, here: Baring it all on the Red Carpet: A Trip Down Mammary Lane:


‘Never Satisfied' is the second single from Rose's acclaimed album, ‘Trouble in Paradise', which was released in late 2014 and Produced by the renowned Bob Rock of Metallica, Aerosmith, Michael Bublé and Bon Jovi fame. Reviews have been universally positive, and the video for the title track, may be seen via this OUT Magazine link:

The Nation recently described Rose as an "unforgettable chick singer," adding, "One thing I really (really) like about Rose is her willingness to stretch not only the conventions of cabaret style performance, but also the so-called "Great American Songbook," which is undoubtedly great, but definitely needs extending beyond the pre-"Yesterday" era. Produced by Bob Rock and backed by a big Vegasy orchestra, she breathes new life into some wonderful songs that you may not have remembered that you love."

Read Rose's BroadwayWorld interview about ‘Trouble in Paradise', here: http://www.broadwayworld.com/cabaret/article/BWW-Interview-Musician-Actress-and-Writer-Isabel-Rose-Discusses-Upcoming-CD-TROUBLE-IN-PARADISE-20140905

More about Isabel Rose:
An acclaimed jazz/pop/swing/Cabaret singer, Isabel Rose features radio-friendly originals as well as reinterpretations of American Songbook and pop classics on ‘Trouble in Paradise'. The collection was Mixed by Chris Lord-Alge and Al Schmitt.

Over the past few years, Rose has evoked comparisons to a pantheon of legendary vocalists, from Peggy Lee to Bette Midler to Ann-Margret to Frank Sinatra. She's a larger-than-life Vegas-style entertainer who has performed sold out concerts at 54 Below, Joe's Pub, The Blue Note and Le Poisson Rouge, and has played at Lincoln Center and LA's Catalina's Jazz Club.

Known for her rapier wit and crowd-pleasing performances, Isabel Rose earned rave reviews for her 2010 debut CD ‘Swingin' from the Hip.' As journalists noted at the time, she's not simply a singer (or a comedian,) she's a multi-faceted artist who also happens to be a published author and an award-winning actress, not to mention a summa cum laude Yale graduate. JAZZTIMES said, "As overachievers go, Isabel Rose makes Oprah look like a slacker," and, "Rose goes stiletto to stiletto with Ann-Margret." http://jazztimes.com/articles/26306-isabel-rose-from-tin-pan-alley-to-power-rock

Isabel Rose also has big-time moxie-the kind that made multi-hyphenates such as Ann-Margret, Peggy Lee and Bette Midler so appealing in years past. Rose's never-say-never attitude has carried her through many an odd challenge over the course of her fascinating career. Whether writing and starring in a major motion picture released by Samuel Goldwyn, getting a mega-deal from Doubleday for her debut novel, or composing and starring in an Off-Broadway musical adaptation of that novel, she's always found a way to make big things happen. Already praised by critics as a writer and actress, she achieved the hat trick with her debut CD Swingin' from the Hip, and builds on that success with her new album Trouble In Paradise.

Links and more details, here:

- Isabel Rose Social Media support exceeds 131,000 Facebook and Twitter followers.

- "Trouble in Paradise" is available on Jubilee Recordings (distributed by Sony/RED). https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/trouble-in-paradise/id905282323

- ‘Never Satisfied' video credits: Editor, Yossi Kimberg; Producer, Jubilee Productions, LLC; Video Production House, Broadway Video

- Rose's late-2014 single, "Trouble in Paradise," broke new ground for her as it reached #31 on the Mainstream A/C Chart.

- Recent performances in New York and Los Angeles will be followed by additional tour dates, to be announced soon.

- Rose's dance video for her track "Reflection" reached the Top 10 Dance Charts: https://www.youtube.com/watch'v=DVtVJ6iWO_I

- Watch the ‘Trouble in Paradise' EPK, here: http://youtu.be/BkqY95i7lAc

Visit - http://isabelrose.com
Visit - https://www.facebook.com/IsabelRoseMusic

More Information: http://https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gM7uPL6WkqE

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