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Put On a Curly Red Wig and Start the Music: Dogs, Dancers, Old Guys, a Skateboarder and More -- A Colorful, "Comically Disorienting" Video with a Dollop of Self-Deprecating Wit, in Amanda Kravat's ‘Not Myself Today' -- Elmore Magazine Premieres
(Published: May 27, 2015)

May 27, 2015

Put On a Curly Red Wig and Start the Music: Dogs, Dancers, Old Guys, a Skateboarder and More -- A Colorful, "Comically Disorienting" Video with a Dollop of Self-Deprecating Wit, in Kravat's ‘Not Myself Today'

"I'm Just Not Myself Today, I'm Alright But Not Okay"
A Rollicking Song About Kravat's Panic Attacks Inspires Bizarre Video

ELMORE EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: "Kravat has a slinky, tough rock ‘n' roll swagger which carries her ferociously from a rasping whisper to wailing high notes. From her pronounced pout to her bell bottoms and furs, she carries herself like a female double of Steven Tyler, and it's no wonder Tyler brought her on tour with Aerosmith earlier on in her career"

In her bizarre, colorful new video for ‘Not Myself Today', singer Amanda Kravat blurs reality and fantasy with the help of a wonderfully motley cast of red-wigged characters, including two dogs, professional dancers, a bevy of grown men, a senior citizen, a skateboarder and more. 

The track is the second single from Kravat's acclaimed Viper EP ‘AK', and it chronicles the panic attacks she endured following the death of her father. As concepts for the video came together, it became clear that a blurring of reality and fantasy might suggest the anxiety Kravat was feeling at the time, as reflected in her lyric "I'm just not myself today, I'm alright but not okay..." And then, of course, there are the red wigs. What better way to suggest that you're ‘not yourself today' than to imagine a host of animals, men, strangers -- looking like odd versions of you? The scenes of colorful Kravat on a grey NYC subway add an oddly vivid, Steven Tyler-esque/fish out of water vibe to the clip. Add to that Kravat's wish to poke a bit of fun at her signature red hair, and you've got a clever complement to a song that builds to a wailing crescendo.

ELMORE MAGAZINE ran an Exclusive Premiere of the video, along with this text:

EXCLUSIVE: Amanda Kravat Makes A Comeback With A Rocking New Track  Music News | May 26th, 2015

Amanda Kravat stepped out of the rock star rat race to pursue a very different path: raising a family. Now, years later, she's stepping back to reclaim the bright spotlight of her early twenties with her recent release, AK, a four-song EP on Viper Records. The new record is finding its way to the top of the charts, including a debut at Number Three on the iTunes Singer/Songwriter EP Chart and a huge helping of positive press.  In the wacky music video for the second single from her EP, "Not Myself Today," Kravat brings together a comically disorienting hodge-podge of folks (and dogs) to poke fun at her trademark flaming red hair and visually wrestle with the song's central theme of the panic attacks that she began to have after the death of her father. Kravat has a slinky, tough rock ‘n' roll swagger which carries her ferociously from a rasping whisper to wailing high notes. From her pronounced pout to her bell bottoms and furs, she carries herself like a female double of Steven Tyler, and it's no wonder Tyler brought her on tour with Aerosmith earlier on in her career. Her soaring chorus of "I'm alright but not ok" captures a universal feeling that immediately endears Kravat to listeners and tempts you to sing-or shout-along.

Kravat's ‘Not Myself Today' video was directed by Nathaniel Johnson and filmed in New York City with additional footage shot in Savannah, GA. It features professional dancers Clare Cook and Catie Cuan, the red-wigged team of Norman Z, Avi P, Alan C and a cameo by the Director, as well as canine support from Jude and Renzo.

In recent interview features, critics continue to rave about singer-songwriter Kravat's return to the music business. The story of her unlikely roller-coaster ride was chronicled via a lengthy AXS feature interview, which described Kravat as "a wonderful chaos of life and beauty and art."  Read the full story, below -- "After so many years away from the business, Amanda is getting a second chance," with a "compelling EP...that is easily the highpoint of her career to date."

Reviewers have compared her sound to Carole King, Sheryl Crow, The Rolling Stones, Aimee Mann, Chrissie Hynde and other superstar artists, saying that "Kravat can go from zero to rocker chick at a moment's notice," and describing her as "free-floating artistry in all its intriguing splendor."

Fans seem to agree: Kravat secured a surprising #3 debut on the iTunes Singer-Songwriter EP Chart, and a #29 debut on iTunes Singer-Songwriter Album Chart, upon Viper Records' recent release of her ‘AK' EP.  A Film & TV Licensing agreement has just been confirmed, and worldwide distribution is in the works.

Already featured via Performer Magazine, Huffington Post and elsewhere, Kravat's release has earned over-the-top reviews, citing her "limitless potential," and stating, she "can attack an emotional truth and rock it out," and "if her work on the EP is any indication of what she has to offer, welcome back."  New and recent clips follow:

By Allen Foster 3/31/15 READ IT HERE:
Amanda Kravat talks about her triumphant return to music
Foster's feature was also reprinted via Songwriter's Monthly: https://www.facebook.com/SongwritersMonthly

AXS - Video Feature: Check out Amanda Kravat's video, 'I Could Tell You I Don't Love You' By Laurie Fanelli, 4/13/15  READ IT HERE:

By Kelly Farley, 2/26/15 http://libmagazine.com/singer-amanda-kravat-steps-outside-herself-lib-artist-of-the-week/
Singer Amanda Kravat Steps Outside Herself

By RJ Frometa 12/30/14  READ IT HERE:

BlogCritics - Four-Star Editor's Pick:
‘Amanda Kravat makes a welcomed return.'
By Jack Goodstein / December 31, 2014  READ IT HERE:

MEDLEYVILLE.US Interview and Song Premiere. By Chris Junior 10/14/14
Amanda Kravat resumes music career with new EP
 (From Performer Magazine, originally printed via Medleyville.US)
Interview: http://performermag.com/amanda-kravat-resumes-music-career-with-new-ep/
Interview: http://www.medleyville.us/2014/10/feeling_more_like_herself_amanda_kravat_feature.html

SomethingElseReviews -
Sneak Peek Song Premiere 
By Nick DeRiso 10/13/14 READ IT HERE:

Interview and Song Premiere READ IT HERE:
10/6/14, by Michael Ragogna -- huff.to/1s3noMn

HEAR SEE DAILY - Song Review - http://hearseedaily.tumblr.com/post/99384951118/hear-new-music-from-amanda-kravat-the-marry-me

AbsolutePunk  by Gregory Robson 11/26/14 (excerpts):

Everyone loves an overcomer, an artist who fights tooth and nail for what they believe. New York City-based singer-songwriter Amanda Kravat is such an artist. Her four song EP AK is a DIY effort that vacillates between late 90s alt-rock (think Alanis Morrisette) and plaintive piano balladry (think Carole King). Written as a result to a series of panic attacks she was suffering, AK is a deeply personal and powerful work that charms and delights. ...the placid piano ballad "I Could Tell You I Don't Love You" is heartfelt and tender and proves Kravat's limitless potential. Penultimate effort "Wouldn't Be This" has a definitive Sheryl Crow vibe and meanders along through a mid-tempo melancholy that has a pronounced sense of gravity.  The EP closes with "Somebody Else is Driving," a big-hearted slice of alt folk-rock with a towering chorus and the most promise of any of AK's songs. It is here and on "Not Myself Today" that AK resonates, smolders and simmers. Whether AK launches Kravat out of the ever-crowded Manhattan singer-songwriter scene remains to be seen. For now, it's a welcome tonic to the onset of winter.

Michael Doherty's Music Blog - 11/26/14 - Read the full review, here: http://michaelsmusiclog.blogspot.co.uk/2014/11/amanda-kravat-ak-2014-cd-review.html

Here's Amanda with the great Will Lee, during a visit with some friends backstage at Late Show With David Letterman - and yes, that's Dave's desk!

Other Reviewers have praised, "If there's any justice, that would be wider stardom for Kravat, whose sense of rigorous wit amidst impossibly gorgeous hooks (not to mention that shock of hair) recalls Aimee Mann. But there's some of Chrissie Hynde's could-give-a-shit toughness, too. Credit for this layered approach probably goes to life choices, which saw her putting aside the music business to raise a family." See additional clips below.

The EP release marks Kravat's return to the music business after a multi-year hiatus. This is a rare ‘second chance' music industry story - an established artist who took a trip down the ‘major label/pursuit of the big hit' rabbit hole, and has thankfully come out the other side.  In interviews, below, Amanda chronicles the often rocky road from being signed to Sony in her twenties to having VH-1 film her for an entire year (for a TV show that ended up not airing, really it was what would become ‘Reality TV' as we know it today,) to touring with Aerosmith, to having Steven Tyler sing on one of her albums, to maintaining her sobriety on the road to finally opting out of the industry, having kids and gaining a much-needed sense of grounding and family...she's started fresh...one of the lucky ones...

"I'm lucky I get a second chance," Kravat comments. ‘AK' marks her return to making music after a multi-year hiatus during which she raised two kids, built a more grounded life, and re-discovered her creative ‘voice' -- "I've always thought of myself as an alright enough songwriter...but so much noise always got in the way, either inside my own head or just nearby. Finally I feel like I can get through that haze. I still haven't bought my mother the house I promised her years ago - that would be nice. But if I can make good music for people who want to hear it, and have that music support me and my family, I'd be a happy camper. Success for the sake of fame is not a goal (observing my celebrity friends has taught me that). I've always struggled to find real balance in my tightrope life...feels like I'm closer than I've ever been."

Artist-songwriter Amanda Kravat is a rare blend of insightful, emotional, deep and exuberant, all dolled up to match her bright orange hair. Evoking the lyrical vigor of Aimee Mann, the Pop ear of Sara Bareilles, the confidence of Chrissie Hynde, and the over-the-top style of Steven Tyler, Kravat recorded her Viper Records debut EP ‘AK' live-to-2" tape at the famed Magic Shop in NYC. 

Kravat's witty and melodic four-song collection suggests glimmers of her heroes Cheap Trick, Neil Finn and more, and was mixed by Mark Saunders (David Bowie, Shiny Toy Guns, The Cure, Neneh Cherry). Kravat's frenetic opening track ‘Not Myself Today' and its wailing crescendo suggest a panic attack/collapse down the rabbit hole; the gorgeous ballad ‘I Could Tell You I Don't Love You' is the EP's centerpiece and easily one of the most elegant and memorable love songs to emerge in some time; ‘Wouldn't Be This' evokes Semisonic on a Sunday morning, and ‘Somebody Else is Driving' sets "faith in a Higher Power" to an uptempo beat. Viper released the EP on October 28th, with broader national distribution via INgrooves/Fontana (UMG).

More about Amanda Kravat:
NY-based songwriter/performer/rocker-chick Kravat is a jack-of-many-trades who has toured with Aerosmith (opening for the rock legends with her former band Marry Me Jane,) and as she's said, "had a dash of the spotlight in her twenties". Things happened fast: VH-1 spent a year filming Amanda and her (then) band Marry Me Jane, for a show that never aired, ‘Making the Band'. Little did Kravat know at the time that it was an early version of the ‘Reality TV' phenomenon that would saturate American culture in years to follow; Tommy Hilfiger custom-made a line of stage clothing for her; she was cast in movies; Billboard featured her on its cover. It was heady stuff, buzzworthy for sure, even as the band chased the elusive ‘hit single'. Yet there was a heartbreaking element to it as well...the TV show you work on for a year doesn't air; the album everyone says is radio-friendly doesn't find its breakthrough song.  Amanda needed to be resilient.

With a cinematic songwriting style, it's not surprising that numerous tracks by Kravat have been featured in motion pictures (including in films starring Ben Stiller, Jill Clayburgh, Sarah Jessica Parker and more).  In fact, one of her ballads, the lush, dramatic "Green (You Can't Touch Me)," caused a bit of an internet stir after it appeared in the closing titles of an independent film, years ago. Fans were so impacted by the song (listen to it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cvxfm1c7SqQ ,) that they rented the film (on VHS at the time,) and recorded the track, with overlapping movie dialogue, and posted/shared it online, using the then-cutting-edge service, Limewire. Once on the web, the song took on a life of its own, and ultimately lead Amanda to release it officially, as part of an indie compilation project.

Kravat released two albums on Sony/550 with her band MMJ, before going solo with her indie debut Wrong All Day (which ranked #1 on five different Amazon charts upon its release.) Critics have said she "recalls the likes of Sheryl Crow, Aimee Mann and Tori Amos," and over the years she has been featured on the cover of Billboard Magazine, on CNN, in The Village Voice, NY Daily News and scores of other outlets. Recently signed to Indie Rock, Pop and Hip Hop label Viper Records (their first female act,) Kravat looks forward to making a renewed impact with her songwriting in the months and years ahead.  

Tour dates will be announced soon.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Amanda-Kravat/54572840317
Visit: http://www.Amandakravat.com/
Visit: http://www.viperrecords.com/artists/amanda-kravat/
Twitter: @amanda_kravat https://twitter.com/Amanda_Kravat

Viper Records is distributed via INgrooves/Fontana (UMG).   

More Information: https://youtu.be/Rr7lZlwUaRs

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