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"A Glass of Fado and Two of Bossa Nova"; "The most valuable treasure of the Lisbon nightlife scene";  Mixing Wine, Music, Community and a Sense of Intimacy, Lisbon-Based Rua das Pretas is a Weekly International Gathering of Artists, Travelers and Crea
(Published: January 02, 2019)

For Immediate Release
January 2, 2018

"A Glass of Fado and Two of Bossa Nova"

"The most valuable treasure of the Lisbon nightlife scene"

"There, in the heart of crowds of tourists, stands a mansion that on Saturday nights becomes a sanctuary of sounds"

"Make a circle and play close to one another, in the style of a rehearsal or musical gathering. Like they were around a bonfire in a hippie youth camp. Or in your own home, among friends, to enjoy the pleasure of poetry and

Mixing Wine, Music, Community and a Sense of Intimacy, Lisbon-Based Rua das Pretas is a Weekly International Gathering of Artists, Travelers and Creative Gypsies

Expansive New Article in International Magazine Jornal de Letras Chronicles Founder Pierre Aderne's live events, which have the feel of a musicians' roving circus, a bit like Bob Dylan's Rolling Thunder Revue

A lengthy new feature in the 12/19 issue of international magazine Jornal de Letras pulls back the curtain on Lisbon's best kept artistic secret: intimate weekly musical gatherings known as Rua das Pretas.  Mixing wine, music, community and a sense of intimacy, Rua das Pretas is an under-the-radar, international get-together of artists, travelers and creative gypsies. Founder Pierre Aderne's live events have the feel of a musicians' roving circus, a bit like Bob Dylan's Rolling Thunder Revue or a "Portuguese Buena Vista Social Club."  Read the introduction to the Jornal de Letras article, below, and see the full feature, here (note, these are rough translations to English): https://goo.gl/gUEFNV

Jornal de Letras: "A Glass of Fado and Two of Bossa Nova"
"There, in the heart of crowds of tourists, stands a mansion that on Saturday nights becomes a sanctuary of sounds."
By Manuel Halpern 12/19/18
"The most valuable treasure of the Lisbon nightlife scene is guarded, in front of everyone, in the garden of the Principe Real. It is known as "Rua Das Pretas," but the address on a street on the opposite hill of the city, serves only to distract the less attentive. There, in the heart of the back citadels of the tourist crowds, stands a mansion that, during Saturday nights, becomes a sanctuary of sounds.
It's not a fado house, not an acoustic jazz club, but it does have a bit of both. The space, with high ceilings and paintings on the wall, has already been the scene of many lives and still resists the ill-famed gentrification. It is a place without a plaque or a name. But on Saturdays, and sometimes on Wednesdays, many friends gather around wine glasses and play and sing. And they make you feel absolutely at ease.
The host is Pierre Aderne (PA), a musician born in Toulouse who has lived in Lisbon for almost a decade. Do the honors of the house. Take out the corks from the bottles, fill the glasses, introduce the guests. He and the musicians sit in the center, in an unfinished informality. Make a circle and play close to one another, in style of rehearsal or musical gathering. Like they were
 around a bonfire in a hippie youth camp. Or in your own home, among friends, to enjoy the pleasure of poetry and
 music. Around the musicians sit the listeners, on cushions scattered on the floor or on benches or open chairs, which extend to the other room, never losing the intimate tone,
because however much it grows, it will never hold more than 70 people."

Blending bossa, folk, jazz and conversation to an audience of fellow performers and travelers, Rua das Pretas is a trip back in time to a bygone lifestyle...Aderne traces its lineage to the old salon era, or bossa gatherings in the 1960s, where music was just one of the many ingredients that made each evening unique, along with friends, storytelling, alcohol, travelers, food, a blending of cultures and more.

Members include Brazilian singer-songwriter Aderne, who has recorded a number of solo albums and collaborated with Seu Jorge, Melody Gardot and Madeleine Peyroux; New York-based musician Brian Cullman, who has produced Lucinda Williams, Ghazal and Aderne; Brazilian singer-guitarist Fred Martins; Portuguese guitarist Augusto Baschera and New York singer-songwriter Tanner Walle.

Their new CD ‘The Wine Album' is available worldwide on all digital platforms, and is a collaboration of artists from Portugal, Brazil, the United States and France, all invited by Aderne. It was produced in NYC and Lisbon by Grammy winner Hector Castillo, who has produced for David Bowie, Bjork, Lou Reed, Los Cadillacs Fabulosos, Beck and Philip Glass. Apple Music France selected the track "Me & You" as a ‘Pickup of the Week' upon its release, and international radio airplay is on the rise. Songs are performed in English and Portuguese.

In a lengthy interview, Aderne and Cullman spoke about the genesis of the project and their new album. Read the full Q&A, via international outlet Vents Magazine, here:

In the article, Aderne shared these details about the ‘wine' connection:
I met Dirk Niepoort 12 years ago when I was playing at Douro film harvest, we became friends and Douro valley became my secret place to runaway when I can. About a year ago I was at Quinta de Nápoles, drinking a middle age Porto garrafeira with Dirk, talking about Rua Das Pretas and his new wines to be released, I started playing a song and I started thinking that there would be songs inside the bottles. Not just wine, but real songs, melodies waiting to get out of each bottle. The idea of the wine album was born that night...
In the Rua Das Pretas gathering, wines helped to tell the stories for many years. When I called Brian in NY to tell him the idea, he said: "RUA DAS PRETAS isn't simply about music, it's about what happens when people gather to play music for fun, without having to carry the show, to be together and drink wine, and share stories. This is what we need.' And after, Brian came up with this brilliant idea that there would be songs inside each bottle of wine. Literally! When people buy a bottle of Niepoort's wine made for Rua Das Pretas, we'll have a download code written on each cork inside the wine bottles.

Upcoming Rua das Pretas live gatherings include Lisbon, Berlin, Paris, Madrid, Porto and London, with additional dates to be announced soon. New York City and Tokyo events are in the planning stages for 2019.

More details on the origins of the project can be found here http://www.ruadaspretas.com/

EPK here, more info below - https://youtu.be/4Lu9pMlCXwE

Aderne and Cullman circle back to a few key points about culture of Rus das Pretas: 1) The group of bohemian collaborators is like a tribe of roaming artists from the past, taking their music from the living room, to a café of 100 people, to ultimately thousands of people in different countries. 2) They welcome the disenfranchised, including musicians pushed away from the bigger stage due to age. 3) The salon environment offers more of a one-on-one connection to the audience, and the shared food and wine (and lack of mics and amplifiers,) add to the sense of intimacy. 4) Many of the musician participants in Rua das Pretas do so because for them it is a ‘return' to their roots and how they began...on the couch, performing as their friends and family drank and ate and listened with attention and care (and not staring at their cellphones).

In a unique regional partnership, Aderne has joined with friend and fellow music lover, famed Portuguese wine producer Dirk Niepoort, to make ‘The Wine Album' available in wine cellars and wine bars. Aderne comments, "These are songs born out of wine and love. We all lived and cooked and sang and played together for two weeks in Greenwich Village in New York, and wine fueled our inspiration for this album!" With music distribution a challenge, and Rua das Pretas not yet a household name, Aderne and Niepoort got creative: "With music stores on the decline, we wanted a unique way for listeners to find this album, and Niepoort Wines not only made four different wines to partner with Rua das Pretas, but we came up with the idea to make the album (on vinyl and CD) available directly to wine connoisseurs at cellars and bars. And we may even put download codes on the corks!" The album will be distributed in conjunction with the release of an exclusive cuvée produced by Niepoort Wines.

On nights of Rua Das Pretas gatherings, Aderne shares this dream with the group: "Lisbon has become the capital of Portuguese-language music. Musicians from Brazil, from the bossa and samba of Rio to the northeast of Ciranda, Frevo, Baião, artists from Cabo Verde, Guiné Bissau, Angola, Moçambique, Portugal, not only from Fado, but cantes from Alentejo, folk music...now I have the feeling that putting all these ingredients inside this big cultural pan, we are witnessing the birth of a new musical accent. If we skip from now to the future, in 10 years we will look back and say: 2018 was when all this began to be born. I have the feeling that in a couple years it will be more important to realize that the song is sung in Portuguese language, than to want to know immediately which country that music comes from."

Visit: https://www.ruadaspretas.com

More Information: http://https://www.ruadaspretas.com

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