Giacomo Gates

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Track Listing
1. Summertime
2. I Told You I Love You, Now Get Out
3. Centerpiece
4. How High The Moon / Ornithology
5. You’d Be So Nice To Come Home To
6. All Of Me
7. Lady Bird
8. Route 66
9. Scotch & Soda
10. Lester Leaps In / I Got The Blues
11. Milestones
12. Hittin’ The Jug / Swan Song

Detailed Description / Musicians
Giacomo Gates - vocals
Harold Danko - piano
Ray Drummond - bass
Greg Bandy - drums
Vincent Herring - alto saxophone
Vic Juris - guitar

Origin Records presents the latest release by the singular jazz vocalist Giacomo Gates. Featuring the all-star band of Harold Danko, Ray Drummond, Greg Bandy, Vic Juris and Vincent Herring, Gates propels the band through a set of classics highlighted by his own lyrics and those of King Pleasure, Eddie Jefferson and Cole Porter. "Gates continues to cement his place in the tight coterie of "main men" of jazz singing. Indeed, he is a standout member of an endangered species. His inventive manifestations on "Centerpiece" reveal his mastery of this niche art form. Not only is he a natural talent, Gates is gifted with the temperament of a purist and a skilled craftsman of a high musical intelligence. Little wonder for the past eight years his performances have recruited rabid audiences of many stripes."

- Herb Wong
past-president IAJE

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Website: http://www.giacomogates.com

The criteria for defining jazz singing will probably be argued for the rest of time. But no matter which side of the argument one may be on, there can be no doubt that Giacomo Gates is an authentic jazz vocalist. Heavily steeped in the traditions of the original vocal improvisers from Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald through their modern counterparts Betty Carter and Leon Thomas, Giacomo's own approach draws most heavily from the bebop-rooted masters like Jon Hendricks, Babs Gonzales, King Pleasure and most of all, Eddie Jefferson. Like his influences, Gates has forged his own unique path.

In his own words, "In this kind of music it's about intention, honesty and what comes through in your voice - the Experience of Life." Without question, Giacomo's life experience is unlike any other jazz artist that may come to mind. Blessed with a full-bodied and mellifluous voice, extraordinary rhythmic precision and an unerring sense of lyricism, Gates' total command of the vernacular, boundless creativity and exuberant passion set him apart from nearly every other vocalist on the scene. However, he didn't display his talents to the public-at-large until 1990, at 40 years of age. Prior to that, Gates led the life of a hardworking blue collar ?man's man.' After a number of years driving everything from school buses to cattle transporters to 18-wheelers, Giacomo departed for the Alaskan wilderness in 1975, working for 14 years in a variety of jobs, including three years on the Alaska Pipeline. Whether he was doing road construction, operating scrapers, loaders and bulldozers, or driving spikes into railway tracks in the flatland emptiness of the tundra with no directional guides other than a compass and the sky, Gates found these experiences to be powerful stimulation for developing his own artistic expression.

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