Winder Dreams The Life and Passions of F. Scott Fitzgerald
Nancy Harrow

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Track Listing
1. This Side of Paradise
2. You'll Never Get To East Egg
3. Winter Dreams
4. The Extra Mile
5. Oh God, I'm Sophisticated
6. Dear Max
7. My Swan
8. Beloved Infidel
9. Until It Comes Up Love
10. My Lost City
11. This Old Pro
12. Winter Dreams

Detailed Description / Musicians
Nancy Harrow - Voice
Grady Tate - Voice
Roland Hanna - Piano
Jack Wilkins - Guitar
Bill Easley - Saxophones, Flute, Clarinet
Frank Wess - Tenor Saxophone, Flute
Michael Mossman - Trumpet
John Mosca - Trombone
Rufus Reid - Bass
Akira Tana - Drums, Percussion

This unusual set features twelve songs by singer Nancy Harrow that are based on the life of writer F. Scott Fitzgerald as seen through his fictional characters. Harrow and Grady Tate share the vocals and are joined by a four-piece rhythm section with pianist Roland Hanna plus up to four horns. Although the music at times hints at the 1920s and 30s, it is generally more modern. The lyrics are interesting even if none of the songs are destined to become future standards. It helps to be pretty familiar with Fitzgerald's writing and chances are that these performances would be more effective if seen in a play. The debut release on producer John Snyder's Artists House label is quite heart-felt and intelligent, as are all of Nancy Harrow's recordings.

--Scott Yanow
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I was born in New York City, the youngest of three children, and educated in N.Y.C. and at Bennington (Vermont) where I studied literature and dance and graduated with a B.A. My father was a lawyer, but he loved to sing and had a beautiful tenor voice that could move me with his storytelling. My musical education began with the study of classical piano at the age of seven (with my aunt, May Harrow), continued through college years (with pianist Claude Frank) but was abandoned shortly after that. Many years later when I wanted to learn how to accompany myself, I studied harmony and improvisation with Sanford Gold and later with Norman Gold.

While I was at college I thought I would be a dancer. I toured with the Bennington Dance Group, choreographed dances to jazz scores, and was bitten by the performing bug. I majored in literature and at graduation was encouraged to accept a fellowship at Harvard and become an academic. But instead I worked as an editor in a publishing house (William Morrow & Co.) until I left to become a singer. I learned to sing jazz from records and later from sitting in at clubs where musicians I knew were playing. During those years, I was editing by day, and at night I sat in with Kenny Burrell, Bob Brookmeyer, Clark Terry, and Bill Triglia at clubs in and around New York. I also got a job touring (briefly) with the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra, at that time under the direction of Warren Covington.

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