By Request
Jon Lucien

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Track Listing
1. Hello Like Before
2. Lady Love
3. Soul Mate
4. Dindi
5. Song For My Lady
6. Luna Mi Luna
7. Shadow of Your Smile
8. The Sound of Music
9. Love Me
10. Creole Lady
11. Rashida

Detailed Description / Musicians
Jon Lucien - Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Ganza, Percussion, Programmer
Dan Carillo - Guitar
Cliff Korman - Piano
Kim Plainfield - Drums
Myra Caseles - Percussion
Greg Jones - Bass
Adrian D'Souza - Djembe and Rama Cymbals
Deborah Wond - Violin
Michael Roth - Violin
John Dexter - Viola
CHris Finckel - Cello

Jon Lucien reaches back into his own songbook here to update 11 favorites for the '90s. He takes his time revisiting these old friends -- only one of the 11 cuts clocks in at less than five minutes. Not surprisingly, his voice has grown even mellower than in his '70s heyday, which gives added luster to the ballads "Dindi" and "The Shadow of Your Smile." He also gets to improvise on the melodies more, and show off his scatting prowess. Though a bit more soloing from the band might have added to the overall effect, By Request is one of those rare cases where the singer has something new to add to his own classics. ("Rashida," added to the disc as a bonus track, comes from Lucien's previous disc, Endless Is Love.)

--Frank Federico
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More than any other singer, Jon Lucien captures the essence of romance. His voice is rich and expressive, his best songs are perceptive poetic tales of devotion, trust, hope, harmony and spirituality. Three dimensional parables of love lost and love found and relationships filled with the promise of a new day. He seems to possess an innate ability to evoke an atmosphere and create images not only through his lyrics but the colors of his music.

In the 28 years since the release of his debut album, connoisseurs and assorted in-the-know types have spoken his name with the utmost hushed reverence. His seamless melding of jazz, R and B, Caribbean rhythms and Brazilian music proved to be a decisive early influence on what would be simplified and marketed as the twin formats of "quiet storm" and "smooth jazz," although very few artists working in either format approach Lucien's level of artistry or innovation, not to mention originality.

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