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Matthias Lupri

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Track Listing
1. Children
2. Freefall
3. Abstraction
4. Pictures
5. The Fruitlady
6. Just Say Anything
7. Names
8. Interspectives
9. Cementrical Jive

Detailed Description / Musicians
Matthias Lupri - Vibraphones
Timo Verbole - Tenor Saxophone
Florian Feuser - Bass
Sebastian de Krom - Drums

Vibeist Lupri is inspired on this set of nine of his original works by the street scenes and playground view outside his Boston apartment. The music is a democratic modern mainstream jazz, with shared melodic and balanced rhythmic responsibility from Lupri, tenor saxophonist Timo Verbole, bassist Florian Feuser, and drummer Sebastiaan deKrom. In many instances the vibist is not as busy as the rhythm section, and Verbole adopts a Stan Getz style that's breezy, bluesy, and open. Though all are quite pleasant, there's little to distinguish each track; they sound samey save rhythmic variations. The best swing of "Just Say Anything" is easy, steady, and with many blues connotations. "Cementrical Jive" sporting neo-bop to frantic samba changes is a bit more animated, with good solos from Lupri and Verbole. Many times a unison vibes-tenor melody crops up as on "Interspectives" (based on the multitude of inner thoughts from people, with deKrom's drumming forceful and at times outrageous) or the shared sonorities of the loping, quickened waltz "Pictures." "Freefall" is out-and-out bop with simple melodic lines, and "The Fruit Lady" is more intricate with a modern jazz foundation revealing a slight bossa flavor with a twist. The ballad "Names" is quite mysterious in its execution, while "Children" bears intrigue -- a 6/8 figure with pleasant pastoral inferences, Verbole's nonchalant tenor, and Lupri searching for the answer as to why kids have a pronounced spontaneous side to their quirky, unpredictable personalities when at play, much like jazz musicians.

--Michael G. Nastos
All Music Guide

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Lupri is no underaged phenom, but rather a still-young though experienced adult who has not rushed his journey into jazz's deeper waters. He was born in Germany in 1964, and came to North America with his family a year later. After four years in Kansas, the Lupris moved to Alberta, Canada, where Matthias studied drums and began playing professionally as a teenager. "I was a drummer for 15 years," he reports, "playing blues, rock and country music. But jazz fascinated me, and I went to college to learn more about it. That's where I was introduced to the vibes, which was a mandatory instrument for drummers; and that's where a teacher told me to check out Gary Burton. So I bought his Times Square album with Tiger Okoshi, Steve Swallow and Roy Haynes, and it totally changed my whole approach to music. For the next five years, while I was still on the road with rock bands, I would practice my vibes every day in my hotel room."

One major change for Lupri was a newfound urge to compose music as well as play it. "I always felt that I was missing something by just playing," he recalls. "I wanted to add more melodically." He also took note of how Burton, in his Times Square period, was working without piano or guitar, and a Lupri ensemble concept also began to take shape. "I love playing with sax and no other comping instrument," he explains. "It gives you more freedom, and without the richer piano sound the timber of sax and vibes together tends to float more."

Finally, Lupri decided to commit himself fully to jazz. He enrolled at Boston's Berklee College, where vibists Burton, Ed Saindon and Victor Mendoza all helped him find his own voice. Around the time of his graduation in 1994, he met fellow student drummer Sebastiaan DeKrom (Jamie Cullum), who toured and played on Matthias' first few CD's. Matthias has since then gone on to tour consistently and play at major jazz festivals such as Atlanta, Litchfield, Rochester, Jacksonville, Lake George, Toronto, Vancouver, Seattle, Clearwater, Boston, Ottawa, etc.

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