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Engaging Interview Shows the Lighter Side of Singer-Songwriter Brian Mackey, as He Reaches #1 on ReverbNation and #2 on The Deli NY, Confirms NYC and PA Concerts, and Gains International Radio & Retail Traction for Burgeoning Career
(Published: February 04, 2015)

Engaging Interview Shows the Lighter Side of Singer-Songwriter Brian Mackey, as He Reaches #1 on ReverbNation and #2 on The Deli NY, Confirms NYC and PA Concerts, and Gains International Radio & Retail Traction for Burgeoning Career

Singer-songwriter Brian Mackey offers a different side of his distinctive ‘voice' in this engaging new interview via Vents Magazine (full text is below). The Q&A gives readers an inside look at the life, inspiration, challenges -- and freedom -- of being an independent artist in today's music industry.

Mackey, who has seen a surge in his international radio and retail figures in recent weeks (including breakthrough traction in Italy, Ireland, Sweden, Fiji, Spain, Russia and the Czech Republic,) continues to build support in the U.S. for his recent, critically acclaimed album, ‘Broken Heartstrings.' Reviewers have drawn comparisons to Nick Drake, Lou Reed, R.E.M., Lindsey Buckingham and more. Two years in the making, the smart, aggressive collection has also resonated with fans, pushing Mackey to #1 on ReverbNation's Indie Pop Singer-Songwriter Chart and to #2 on The Deli Magazine's Emerging Artists Folk Chart.

Upcoming live appearances include The Bitter End in NYC on February, and Millennium Music Conference in Harrisburg PA, (Feb 19th - 22nd,) at which Brian will be on the Reverberation Stage as a featured artist. For tour updates, visit: http://www.brianmackeymus...

Read the Vents Magazine Feature Interview here:

Hi Brian, welcome to VENTS!
How have you been' Cold as hell, but good, thanks!
Can you tell us more about the story behind your track ‘America''

This was a song that kind of evolved from traveling to shows across the country by car. Away from bill collectors, phone calls, and into the vastness and peace of "no-cell" service was a welcomed accomplice in helping me write the song. Sometimes sleeping in the car, I'd wake up every hour or so to run the engine to defrost, then I'd write some more. It was really just a very organic process.
How was the video/filming experience'
The filming of the video was done over a week, re- tracing the path as much as possible as the exact route from which I was inspired. Director Nick Cavalier and DP Andrea Coan came along with me on the ride. We traversed through states and stopped at little road side greasy spoons, dive bars, and firework stands. We had pitfalls in-between such as our A/C going in the dead of August while stuck in traffic in Philadelphia, to visiting gravesites of some family in Virginia. It was a really fulfilling experience for me.
The single comes off your latest album Broken Heartstrings - what's the story behind the title'
"Broken Heartstrings" was an expression of breaking ties that held me down and letting go of guilt; an "F-off" to the past.
How was the recording and writing process'
The recording process on this entire album was really old school on many levels, from the talented musicians to the production. It was recorded entirely in Nashville and definitely has the flavor of it throughout. All of the songs were written on the piano and/or my Martin guitar. I don't have any preference for lyrics first, it just develops as an ever- changing conversation with myself.
Where did you find the inspiration for the songs and lyrics'
The inspiration was a culmination of thoughts and experiences I was going though at the time. I had a lot of loss during it, and working on it was better therapy than the shrink I go to, believe me.
You have been compared to R.E.M. and Nick Drake - do they play a role in your music'
I love them both, but was not trying to channel them at all, at least that I know of. But the subconscious is a powerful speaker so maybe it was talking...
Will you hit the road in the months ahead'
Yes I'm REALLY looking forward getting back out there!
I have 2 shows coming up in February: The Bitter End in NYC Feb 6th at 9pm, and a Showcase at the Millennium Music Conference in Harrisburg, PA Feb 21st 9:45 pm
What else is happening next in Brian Mackey's world'
I'm working on my next release as we speak and I'm really super excited about it :)
And I've enrolled in a Karate class so I'm fighting alongside 12 year olds... wish me luck !
Thanks for interview Vents, you're awesome !

Other recent coverage, below:

The Record-Journal - Meriden, CT
By Jim Pasinski, 12/12/14
When one thinks of New York City, country music does not normally come to mind. Country music tends to come from Nashville, TN or maybe even Austin, TX, but newcomer Brian Mackey will change your perspective. His latest album "Broken Heartstrings" has been two years in the making and has become a way of him dealing with recent personal losses that he has recently suffered. The new nine-song release begins with the folk/rock of "Captain Of The Moon" as his vocal styling evokes a young Neil Diamond as he hooks you in with his warm tones. The album's first single "America" is a traveling country song that is just inspiring to listen to with its acoustic strumming and banjo highlights. He finally plugs in for the country rocker "Philadelphia" and faces some demons in "The Day," before closing with the personal piano ballad "Are You Listening," which questions why things happen the way they do.

SomethingElseReviews -
One Track Mind - Song Review
By Nick DeRiso 11/18/14

"Captain of the Moon" opens Broken Heartstrings with a conversational insouciance, as if Lou Reed was parked at the next barstool, before Brian Mackey ramps up into a soaring rumination. Trusted musical touchstones stop by for a quick drink, along the way, from the George Harrison-inspired electric solo to a free-form tremolo straight out of Lindsey Buckingham. That sharp-edged acoustic riff offers whiffs of early R.E.M.'s punky danger, even as Mackey's confidential approach with the lyric traces back to the lonesome brilliance of Nick Drake.

Mackey spent some two years working on his just-released full-length debut Broken Heartstrings, and you hear every moment of care in songs like the tour-de-force "Captain of the Moon." In fact, this cut might not have even made the final track listing, if not for the lengthy gestation period of Mackey's new album. He'd written "Captain of the Moon" years ago, and only returned to it during an idle moment in the studio.

"I was told it should be recorded, and I took that into strong consideration," the New York singer-songwriter says. More particularly, Brian Mackey found himself suddenly lost again in this tune's sweeping complexities. "I couldn't get it out of my head," Mackey adds, "so I had to include it."

As it unfolds, "Captain of the Moon" telegraphs a need to escape, and that sense of restless heartbreak opens the door for a studio effort that delves deeply into loss, but without the expected sense of whiskey-soaked self-pity. Instead, Broken Heartstrings - across moments like the country-rock travelogue of "America" and the bracing, Billy Joel-esque push back of "Philadelphia" - finds the determination to seek out the first glimmers of morning after a very long night.

You imagine all of these influences surrounding Brian Mackey in a rusted-out old muscle car, even as the empty neon promises of that old saloon flicker in the rearview. The captain of the moon' He was last seen with a steel-toed boot pressing hard on the accelerator.

Aquarian Weekly
By Tim Louie, 12/3/14

My old bud Brian Mackey recently released his latest opus right before the holiday season. It's called Broken Heartstrings, and it took two years to create due to Brian's personal losses and private experiences, which help fuel the songs on Broken Heartstrings. The CD has compared his songwriting and vocals to legends like Bob Dylan and Lou Reed on songs like "America" and "Captain Of The Moon," but then songs like "Desire" have been compared to the likes of R.E.M. Broken Heartstrings is available now on iTunes and wherever CDs are sold. For more info on Brian Mackey, visit brianmackeymusic.com.

Mid Tenn Music listens to, reviews ‘The Day':
Click to watch live on-camera review of Mackey song:

In other news, a bit of Brian Mackey fun here - long-known for an impressive array of commercial placements worldwide, Brian's song ‘Honest Love' is currently featured in a hilarious butter commercial on TV in Denmark! Watch it here:

And here is the video for the original song that inspired the commercial:

CMT EDGE Exclusively Premiered the video for ‘America':

If you're going to make a video for a song called "America," you should go right to the source. That's the concept behind Brian Mackey's newest music video. The footage stretches from Seattle to Seaside, New Jersey, with a few nice shots in Nashville to boot.
Over six days, Mackey and director Nick Cavalier captured the feeling of an awesome road trip with perhaps just a few potholes. Luckily, his blend of pop, country and folk music doesn't get lost along the way. Most of the footage is filmed from the viewpoint of his trusty (if not rusty) 1997 Toyota.
"Certain things were planned, and certain things we got just by being in the right place at the right time, like the horses and the guy on the yellow motorcycle with the flags," Mackey tells CMT Edge. "Part of the thrill was not knowing what we might find. We wanted it to have that ‘you're-seeing-it-for-the-first-time-with-us' look, and I hope that we accomplished that."

The impassioned track can be heard on the New York songwriter's first full-length album, Broken Heartstrings. Produced by Sam Ashworth, the set was recorded in Nashville and arrives on Nov. 10. Take a look at "America," then read the CMT Edge Q&A below the video.

‘Broken Heartstrings' is filled with stylistic twists and turns. Whereas the focus track, ‘America', suggests a country-rock travelogue, ‘Captain of the Moon' shifts to a seriously cool Bob Dylan/Lou Reed vibe; then ‘Desire' surprises with its killer electric guitars - evoking an indie rock, almost AAA, R.E.M. landscape. ‘Rich Hearts Lullaby' has a cinematic, John Ford weight to it, and ‘Medication' conveys real dramatic tension...Mackey's wit comes home on ‘Ohio' and ‘Philadelphia'...via ‘Ohio's' wildly unexpected sonic shift a minute or so into it, and ‘Philadelphia's' Beatles-esque opening, followed by a rant...a clever juxtaposition by the singer-songwriter. He closes the album with the lush ‘Are You Listening'.

Learn more about Brian Mackey's career, here:

Visit: http://www.brianmackeymus...

More Information: http://www.brianmackeymusic.com

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