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P. J. Pacifico's Elmore Magazine Exclusive Premiere is "A synth driven power ballad, with a killer hook, eighties vibe, and deliciously raspy vocals that you very well might mistake for early Rod Stewart"
(Published: June 29, 2015)

Elmore Magazine Exclusive Premiere is "A synth driven power ballad, with a killer hook, eighties vibe, and deliciously raspy vocals that you very well might mistake for early Rod Stewart"

Pacifico Finds A New Sound and Tackles His Survivor's Guilt, and the Result is a "Theme of rebirth and forward movement that weaves through the album"

Acclaimed New EP Hits Top 20 on Digital Radio Charts

"Leaving behind the folk stylings of his last few releases, Ready to Run dabbles in the realms of pop and the results are truly dynamic. The EP opens with "All For Something," a piano-tinged triumph of enveloping, celestial synths and an environment that is both hypnotic and transfixing"

On his acclaimed new Viper EP ‘Ready to Run', singer P.J. Pacifico takes a leap of faith and leaves behind the acoustic guitar stylings that were his trademark sound for many years. Focusing instead on synthesizers as the backdrop to his intense, emotional lyrics, Pacifico has earned raves in recent weeks. Elmore Magazine, in an Exclusive Premiere, described the title track as "A synth driven power ballad, with a killer hook, eighties vibe, and deliciously raspy vocals that you very well might mistake for early Rod Stewart." And AbsolutePunk, in an 8.8 (out of 10) review, raved, "Ready to Run dabbles in the realms of pop and the results are truly dynamic. The EP opens with "All For Something," a piano-tinged triumph of enveloping, celestial synths and an environment that is both hypnotic and transfixing."

In a series of recent syndicated interviews, Pacifico talks candidly about his survivor's guilt, and how he has finally found a path to sing about being ‘Among the Living' (a song he has tried to write since his chemotherapy ended, twenty years ago.)

EXCLUSIVE: Hear A Synth-Heavy Power Pop Track From P.J. Pacifico
Music News | June 9, 2015
ELMORE: Artists are constantly in the process of invention and reinvention, growing and changing their style throughout the years as their moods, inspirations, and experiences change. For P.J. Pacifico , crafting his new EP, Ready To Run, out now on Viper Records, meant moving away from his label as a primarily acoustic singer/songwriter, and discovering a new voice through a more electronically produced, synth laden sound.
"Ready To Run," the titular track off of Pacifico's five song EP, highlights the theme of rebirth and forward movement that weaves through the album. A cancer survivor, these new songs were a chance for Pacifico to wrestle with the challenges of his past and move forward with a clear vision. This exclusive premiere is a synth driven power ballad, with a killer hook, eighties vibe, and deliciously raspy vocals that you very well might mistake for early Rod Stewart. Pacifico's layering of female harmonies towards the end of the track adds an exciting change-up, and keeps the song moving forward at full speed.
The lyric music video, directed by Tobias Baharian, creates an energetic, swirling backdrop that complements the upbeat pulse of the track. A fitting setting, figures in a sketched black and white bustle through Grand Central Terminal.
Watch the video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4vvyjqqyQVU , and look out for Ready To Run on iTunes here .

Yahoo Must Watch - Video
‘Ready to Run'

Pacifico's EP recently hit the Top 20 via Digital Radio Tracker!

EXAMINER.COM - Interview Feature
Using life experiences to create memorable music - P.J. Pacifico shares his. By Kelley Adinolfi 4/30/15 http://www.examiner.com/article/using-life-experiences-to-create-memorable-music-p-j-pacifico-shares-his

P.J. Pacifico shares his life experience fighting cancer through his music. He has a new five song EP "Ready to Run" out May 5, 2015 pm Viper Records. On the new EP, P.J. uses drum beats and synthesizers to accompany his clenched, storyteller's approach to the upcoming collection.
"Among the Living" is the EP's emotional song about facing his guilt surviving cancer. P.J has never used his surviving cancer as the subject of his music, but did an amazing job writing and performing this song.
You can listen to "Among the Living" track here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lMIB8KflPzw
P.J will be performing live on May 7th at the Ridgefield Playhouse in Connecticut (with Antigone Rising). If you have the chance please show your support by attending the upcoming concert. Tour dates for P.J. can be found on his website : www.PJPacifico.com
Follow him on Facebook for up to date information : www.facebook.com/pjpacificomusic
P.J. took some time to answer a few questions for us:
When did you first decide you want to be a musician and who were your influences and biggest supporters?
P.J - I remember two instances during my childhood that made me decide I wanted to be a musician, but I can't remember which came first. One was seeing footage of a Kiss concert on a TV show called 321 Contact that used to be on PBS. They were doing a segment on pyro technics and Kiss was their example. I remember being amazed by their music & stage show and thrilled by their energy. The other was hearing my voice through a Donny & Marie toy store bought microphone that was hooked up through the radio in the kitchen. My Mom hooked it up and I can remember first turning on the microphone and hearing my voice come through the radio and amplified. Once I heard that I was hooked. It also lead me to figure out how to tape myself singing along with my Rick Springfield records on my Mom's little dinker tape recorder. The feeling of hearing my voice back on tape was amazing. I've been hooked and chasing music ever since. I grew up listening to a lot of the singer/songwriters of the 70's; Paul Simon, Jackson Browne, Fleetwood Mac, etc. My aunt used to play her records around the house all the time and the warmth of the more acoustic sound really drew me in. But I actually started on drums and studied for a number of years before getting an acoustic guitar for high school graduation. I taught myself how to play guitar in my dorm room at college and took a stab at writing songs. I became obsessed with singing my own songs, even though they totally sucked at first. I knew music was what I was going to do for the rest of my life. My parents are easily my biggest supporters. They never blinked an eye when I told them I wanted to take the leap into the music business full time. They were all for it and still are. My Dad asks me more questions about my career than the record label does. He's up to date on everything, always. Both my Mom and Dad are supporters to this day and have been ever since I got that Donny & Marie microphone.
Starting out performing and getting noticed by agents and labels is almost near impossible - how did you go about getting your music listened to ? What advice do you have for someone who is just starting out and wanting their big break in the music industry?
P.J -The overall answer to this question is when you're ready for a manager, agent or label, they will find you. Usually. If they think they can make money off of you, they'll come knocking. If you're searching for them, you're most likely not ready. When you're ready for a manager or agent, you'll know. Trust me. Until then, focus on writing great songs.
I was an intern out of college at a music management company in NYC. I wanted to dive into the biz as soon as I could and being an intern during the day to get a sense of the business and gigging at night was a great way to start. The internship led to a label management position at Viper Records, where I played some acoustic demos of some songs for Jonathan Stuart, the owner. Jonathan liked what he heard and after I went back and polished the songs up a bit, he released them. I've been on Viper since 2006 and I absolutely love it. It's a family.
Another answer to this question is "don't stop". Don't stop writing, don't stop booking gigs, and especially don't stop working your ass off. A lot of artists around my home town have come to me asking how I've gotten to where I am, and I always say "you just gotta do it". Just get out there and make it happen. It's not gonna happen on the couch. I had no pamphlet or "how-to" guide for this crazy business. Nobody did. We all just got out there and did it. Hit the pavement and take every opportunity that comes your way at first, even if it's for free. If you're good at what you do and work hard, the money will come. If you want it badly enough, you'll get there. You have to make it your job, and by that I mean all of it. You have to get up and write, book and get on that computer and find ways to advance your career every single day. Trust me, there's ALWAYS something to do. And in the beginning (and especially as you progress) it's a 24-7 job. It has to be. It must be a full dedication and must come first before everything. And write great songs. Not okay songs, not pretty good songs, GREAT songs. In the end, the tunes do the talking. It's all about the song. If you have a killer work ethic, can brush off a little rejection from time to time (this biz is not for everyone), know how to network (it all comes down to people) and have GREAT songs, the world is yours.
When writing your music - do you lock yourself away for days at a time? Or do you welcome the input family members or friends have when they listen as you are writing?
P.J - I used to write by myself all the time. Up until last year, I pretty much wrote everything by myself. But that's all changed through co-writing. I recently signed a licensing deal with Razor & Tie Music Publishing which has opened up a whole new world for me. The majority of my songs these days are co-writes and it's made a huge difference. I used to frown on co-writing but now I can't get enough of it. It's the best way to write for me. If I lock myself away up in New Hampshire and write in the woods (which is what I used to do) I can't get any feedback from the deer and squirrels. In a co-writing session it's an immediate reaction of what works and what doesn't work. And when you're looking to write the best song possible, that's the way to go. Two or three heads are better than one. I used to run new songs by my Mom because she's a pro singer, but she's obviously biased and she'd always love everything I played for her. She'd probably release my Donny & Marie microphone demo if she could. I love that woman.
What music do you listen to besides your own? Who are your favorite musicians and have they influenced you in any way?
P.J - That's a great question. I only listen to myself if I have to listen to a mix of a recent session or a master or something like that. If I hear my music elsewhere I always get embarrassed for myself and get that goofy feeling. My favorite musicians these days are all my peers and my friends. I really only listen to my friends and their new releases, pretty much. There's nothing more inspiring than that to me. It's so cool when your favorite new band happen to be your good friends. I love that. Through writing in LA and Nashville during the past year, I've met a lot of fellow musicians and artists I've looked up to over the years and have now become friends. There's something about hearing what all my friends are doing for inspiration. That energy from it being a community is special. I'm so proud of them all. They make me better and are all a pleasure to look up to. Artists like Garrison Starr, AG, Peter Bradley Adams, Matthew Perryman Jones and Greg Holden, to name a few. All those artists I just mentioned also have had great success with their music, and I like to listen and learn what works. I'm always learning from my peers and I'm sure I always will. The three albums that are on repeat in my car right now are the new releases from My Name Is You, Greg Holden and The Silent War. I also can't stop listening to the new TV On The Radio album, but I don't know those dudes.
What made you decide to write your new music about your surviving cancer? Did someone influence your decision to take this step with your musical career?
P.J - The new EP was co-written between me and the producers of it; Garrison Starr and AG. The three of us had been wanting to work together for a while, and after our initial writing session, AG put together a rough mix of our work that day, which was the song All For Something. The vibe of that song lyrically and musically was exactly what I was going for. So once we heard the rough we knew we wanted to create more together. The record label was over the moon with the new sound as well and told us to go make more. Knowing that I was about to create more with my friends and already having the record label psyched about the project, I was at ease going in. I didn't feel pressured at all because I knew whatever the three of us were going to write was going to be great. Garrison and AG only produce great stuff. The nerves came into play once the girls pulled me out of my comfort zone, lyrically and vocally. But the pit in my stomach fueled me. I wanted to change, I wanted to evolve, I wanted to stay current. The girls wanted to tap into some powerful topics and especially stuff I've never written about before. Before I knew it, I was telling them about my struggle with survivor's guilt after going through cancer a number of years ago. I started letting it all out and it felt good. I started to cry a little and it felt a little better. We started to write and I started to sing and it felt awesome. Years of keeping it all in, essentially, had come to an end and I can't thank the girls enough for getting it out of me. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have written a song about that subject on my own. I'd get that goofy feeling again.
The release of "Ready to Run" is May 5th - is there someplace your fans can pre-order the EP?
P.J - I'm afraid not. No pre-orders. It'll be available in North America and Europe digitally on May 5th at iTunes, Amazon, etc. For a physical copy, please visit www.viperrecords.com or pick one up at The Ridgefield Playhouse show in CT on May 7th when I open for my friends Antigone Rising. I'll have them available that night. Tickets here: http://www.ridgefieldplayhouse.org/event/antigone-rising
Being a cancer survivor have you donated your time as a musician for charity events locally? Have you thought about offering your performances at them and if so how would someone get in contact with you for that purpose? P.J - Yes. I'm involved with performing and talking at healing workshops through a non-profit organization empowering cancer survivors called CT Challenge (http://www.ctchallenge.org ). I do it every couple of months. The organization and facility here in CT are both amazing and I'm proud to donate my time. It's an honor. I've also written a new song for them which will be released in the upcoming months and have proceeds of sales go towards CT Challenge. We are in talks now of setting up a release date and national plan. I will gladly offer a performance for anything related to cancer charity events and I can be reached at pj@viperrecords.com .
P.J thank you for taking the time to answer these few questions, we look forward to hearing more of your music in the future.

By Greg Robson - 8.8 out of 10

Connecticut-based singer-songwriter is not your typical songwriter. The cancer survivor is a late-bloomer having reached widespread critical acclaim six years ago at the ripe age of 36. His 2013 EP Overlooking the Obvious was one of the strongest singer-songwriter released of that year and also marked the point at which has career began to surge forward. Active since the mid 2000s, he found newfound confidence when partnering with critically acclaimed singer-songwriter Garrison Starr. The songwriting partnership forced Pacifico to push himself further and as a result he has quickly become one of the Northeast's most engaging singer-songwriters.
His latest EP Ready to Run finds the Connecticut native once again partnering with Starr as well as with producer and singer-songwriter AG (formerly known as Adrienne Gonzalez). Ready to Run also represents a shift in tone and veneer, as the disc draws heavy on synths, layering and the backing vocals of both Starr and AG. Leaving behind the folk stylings of his last few releases, Ready to Run dabbles in the realms of pop and the results are truly dynamic.
The EP opens with "All For Something," a piano-tinged triumph of enveloping, celestial synths and an environment that is both hypnotic and transfixing. Pacifico is blessed with vocals that are warm, soft and tender. Similar in timbre to both Peter Bradley Adams and Ellis Paul, Pacifico has a way of sounding both relatable and vulnerable, both fragile and yet robust. Ostensibly a song about perseverance and hope, "All For Something," sounds that much more compelling when it comes for a singer-songwriter who has stared down the dragon and lived to tell about it.
That sense of triumph is revisited in "Among the Living," a stark and barren effort not unlike Depeche Mode that draws on both Starr and AG as well as a wobbling bass. The prominent nah-nah-nah's in the chorus help breathe life into a song that is the most direct and honest song Pacifico has written about his cancer battle to date. Though it is far from the strongest track sonically, it is probably the strongest song both lyrically and emotionally and hits at the very heart of what makes Pacifico so worth the listen.
Although his triumphant songs have are indeed very charming, Pacifico is at his best when he's spinning a yarn about a romance gone south. The strongest of the lot is "While You Were Looking Away," a delicate and open-hearted look at clearing the fog after a failed relationship. If "While You Were Looking" away is the EP's strongest (and there's no denying it is not) then the title track and EP closer "Ready to Run" is probably second best. Fueled by a prominent drum loop, swirling synths and a structure that is both urban and concussive, "Ready to Run" is an accessible slice of crossover pop that should be saturating TV commercials, music blogs and movie trailers.
With the exception of the saccharine and cliched "I Want Your Love," Ready to Run has very few, if any hiccups. In an era when most artists spend their later years trying to re-create their glory years, Pacifico is just now tapping into the best years of his career. With two fantastic EPs released in the last three years, one can't help but be excited for what lies ahead.

P.J. Pacifico - "Summertime Rolls" by Jane's Addiction (1988)
"To me, it's one of the most transcending and energetic songs I've ever heard. [It provides] that feeling of coming alive again and the smell of the change of season. The lyrics set the summer theme right from the first line: the blades of grass, kids playing tag, summer romance, etc. And the build of the song is tremendous.
"I always listen to this song extremely loud; I have to. It takes me right back to a day in Regent's Park in London. I was studying acting over there at the time, and we had one of those first sunny day breakthrough days of the season. I was still in my teens and didn't have a care in the world at the time, looking back. Every time I hear that song, it brings me right back to that day in Regent's Park, and all first sunny-day breakthrough days of the season I've experienced after that. It's a time-stopper for me." P.J. Pacifico's new EP, Ready to Run, is out now on Viper Records.

Singer-songwriter P.J. Pacifico bears his soul on the stark, new, five-song EP ‘Ready To Run', out now on Viper Records. Pacifico discusses the cathartic nature of the new tracks, and the liberating sonic departure that accompanies them, in additional interviews below. Leaving his familiar acoustic guitar-driven sound behind, Pacifico embraces loops, drum beats and synthesizers to accompany his clenched, storyteller's approach to the acclaimed collection.

On the EP's emotional, centerpiece song, ‘Among The Living', Pacifico -- a cancer survivor who has never tackled the subject in his music -- finally faces his survivor's guilt. Huffington Post premiered the track, below. AXS featured Pacifico via an in-depth interview, and premiered his haunting song ‘While You Were Looking Away' - the article follows. Listen to the two highlight tracks, here:

AXS  - Interview & exclusive premiere: P.J. Pacifico gives AXS a preview of his new EP
By Laurie Fanelli - 4/20/15 READ THE INTERVIEW, HERE:

By RJ Frometa - 3/19/15 THE INTERVIEW, HERE: http://ventsmagazine.com/interview-p-j-pacifico/

Huffington Post Premiered the lyric video for ‘Among the Living - 3/3/15, By Mike Ragogna:
http://www.huffingtonpost.com/mike-ragogna/feeling-you-chats-with-kc_b_6789116.html   (scroll down to view)

Huffington Post included this text from Pacifico: "This is the most important song I've ever released. It's been inside me for 20 years, and I've wanted to write it since my chemotherapy ended. I've learned to forgive myself for surviving and have finally accepted that I've done nothing wrong by doing so. It was an extremely therapeutic song to write and an intensely emotional songwriting session, to say the least. Battling cancer made me the person I am today, and actually helped me in many ways. But the focus isn't only on me or my personal experiences. I've learned that we are all among the living and we all should live life to the fullest. That's the universal message of the song, and it means the world to me."  Youtube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lMIB8KflPzw

Pacifico recently debuted another one of the new songs, ‘All For Something', via social media:

The ‘Ready To Run' EP emerged from writing and recording sessions Pacifico completed in Los Angeles in late-2014/early-2015 with artists Garrison Starr and AG, two long-time friends/collaborators, who also provide background vocals and production on the tracks. "They completely took me out of my comfort zone from the very beginning. First of all, I didn't touch an acoustic guitar during the entire recording of this EP. This project is more about turning knobs and pressing keys. They made me think differently, sing in a style that I've never touched on before, write the most honest lyrics I've ever sung and most importantly, they encouraged me to take a risk with the new sound."

In other Pacifico news, a new licensing deal with Razor & Tie has been confirmed, and international distribution is set for ‘Ready To Run'.

Visit http://www.pjpacifico.com/index.php/tourdates for tour updates.
Visit: http://www.pjpacifico.com
Visit: http://www.viperrecords.com/artists/pj-pacifico/


More Information: http://www.pjpacifico.com

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