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10 Things You Didn't Know about Cynthia Basinet
(Published: October 06, 2018)

If you were ever wondering just where all the strong women in Hollywood have been for so long then you haven't been paying attention. Cynthia Basinet and many others have been showing us for years what it takes to be a strong woman in the business, it's just a matter of who's listening and who's buying into the patriarchy in a way that makes them both blind and ignorant.

In truth women like Cynthia have existed for a long time and while their voice hasn't always been heard they've still pushed forward and made sure that they're given the attention they desire in order to spread their influence in a way that's measured not by the successes they achieve but by the changes they make. Like many other women that have been influential either behind the scenes or in the spotlight she's one of those that has contributed to our culture in a big way.

Here are a few things you might not have known about her.

10. She was nominated in 2005 for a Nobel Peace Prize.

This goes beyond any Academy award or anything else that a person could achieve in their life when it comes to acting or modeling. This is something that lasts for a lifetime and beyond considering that it's not easily achieved and not even something that many people expect in their lifetime.

9. She was a model at one time.

Cynthia spent many years gaining a reputation and strutting her stuff as one of the most desired models of her era. It's easy to see that at one time she was a rather fetching young woman that could turn heads wherever she went.

8. She was in a relationship with Jack Nicholson.

One has to wonder what it takes to be in a relationship with a man like Nicholson since each and every time he's seen on TV or in the movies he seems to be the kind of person that's uniquely animated in his best and worst moments.

7. She sings Santa Baby.

For some reason a lot of people think that this song was popularized by Marilyn Monroe but it wasn't. Cynthia took the song and revitalized it in a way that made it purr again as listeners found her voice absolutely captivating.

6. She's a classically-trained musician.

This woman has a great deal of talent between her modeling, acting, and singing days, enough that one might think it's not fair until they realize that her work ethic and determination are big reasons why she's become something of an icon in the business.

5. She's appeared in music videos.
Appearing in music videos

Is kind of a logical step for anyone that's been on the big or small screen in the past and something that gains them a great deal more exposure since it's quick, it's fun, and typically it showcases a person in the best light possible.

4. She's been a single mother for a while.

There are hard jobs in this world that we don't get paid for and being a single mom is one of them. You could argue that being a single PARENT is hard but typically we'll look at moms and say that it's much harder to be a single mother than a single father. She's made do however and has managed to raise her son and continue her career in a manner that has allowed her to embrace motherhood and fame at the same time.

3. She took a break from acting after splitting with Nicholson.

The two parted ways amicably it seems since she's still very supportive of the actor and has no hard feelings. Too often it's heard that couples break up because of irreconcilable differences that simply can't be sorted out and create enemies out of lovers. In this case however both sides seem to have made it work while apart, staying good friends for many years.

2. She debuted in The Bold and the Beautiful in the early 90s.

Cynthia went on to debut in her first movie the year after this, showing the kind of talent that isn't always picked up or fully appreciated by those that control the casting for bigger motion pictures and TV programs. She seems to have been content with her career the way it's gone however, so there's no need to rock the boat.

1. She released her first album in 2001.

Obviously acting wasn't her only outlet and while it is one thing she's known for Cynthia has also managed to put her sultry voice to good use as she's put out several albums and has been fully enjoyable for all of them. To say that she has a nice voice is downplaying what she can really do, as she does have a very nice sound and is a very capable singer.

It would be nice to see and hear more of her in movies and on TV.

Photo courtesy Steve Mack

Reprint courtesy @TVOverMind

### A Star Is Born ###

You can find Cynthia's "The Standard" @itunes @spotify https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the-standard/580796214

More Information: http://www.tvovermind.com/entertainment-news/cynthia-basinet

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