The Cat Who Went To Heaven
Nancy Harrow

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Track Listing
1. Introduction
2. If Only I Could Have My Wish -jazz interlude
3. If Only I Could Have My Wish
4. Good Fortune Is Her Name
5. I Am Too Shy
6. Good Fortune/I Am Too Shy
7. I Am Too Shy -jazz interlude
8. The Perfect One
9. Celebration -jazz interlude
10. Celebration
11. Lost In Contemplation
12. The Horse, The Tiger, The Swan
13. But Not The Cat
14. But Not The Cat -jazz interlude
15. I Am So Sad
16. She's Fading
17. She's Fading Fast/I Am So Sad
18. I'll Paint Her In
19. I'll Paint Her In -jazz interlude
20. So Happy I Could Die
21. So Happy I Could Die -jazz interlude
22. Imagine That
23. Good Fortune Was Her Name -reprise
24. Imagine That -jazz interlude
25. Good Fortune/I Am So Proud
26. Good Fortune Was Her Name - jazz interlude

Detailed Description / Musicians
Nancy Harrow - Voice, The Cat
Grady Tate - Voice, The Artist
Daryl Sherman - Voice, The Housekeeper
Anton Krukowski - Voice, The Buddhist Priest
Kenny Barron - Piano
George Mraz - Bass
Dennis Mackrel - Drums
Clark Terry - Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Vocal
John Mosca - Trumbone
Charles Pillow - English Horn
Frank Wess - Flute, Tenor Saxophone
Gerry Neiwood - Flute, Oboe, Clarinet
Mark Feldman - Violin
Joyce Hammann - Violin
Ralph Farris - Viola
Dave Eggar - Cello
Ronnie Seldin - Shakuhachi, Tzudzumi
Mutsumi Takamizu - Koto, Shamizen

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I was born in New York City, the youngest of three children, and educated in N.Y.C. and at Bennington (Vermont) where I studied literature and dance and graduated with a B.A. My father was a lawyer, but he loved to sing and had a beautiful tenor voice that could move me with his storytelling. My musical education began with the study of classical piano at the age of seven (with my aunt, May Harrow), continued through college years (with pianist Claude Frank) but was abandoned shortly after that. Many years later when I wanted to learn how to accompany myself, I studied harmony and improvisation with Sanford Gold and later with Norman Gold.

While I was at college I thought I would be a dancer. I toured with the Bennington Dance Group, choreographed dances to jazz scores, and was bitten by the performing bug. I majored in literature and at graduation was encouraged to accept a fellowship at Harvard and become an academic. But instead I worked as an editor in a publishing house (William Morrow & Co.) until I left to become a singer. I learned to sing jazz from records and later from sitting in at clubs where musicians I knew were playing. During those years, I was editing by day, and at night I sat in with Kenny Burrell, Bob Brookmeyer, Clark Terry, and Bill Triglia at clubs in and around New York. I also got a job touring (briefly) with the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra, at that time under the direction of Warren Covington.

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