Shades of Blue
Mood Indigo Trio

Label: FingerNail Moon, Inc
Release Date: 2013

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Track Listing:
1. In Your Own Sweet Way  
2. You Don't Know What Love Is  
3. Sometime Ago  
4. One for You, Two for Me  
5. Tadd's Delight  
6. Sadao's Song  
7. The Preacher  
8. Feel Like Makin Love  
9. Gregory Is Here  
10. Moon River  
11. G and J Blues  
12. Shades of Blue  

Detailed Description / Musicians
Greg McKenzie - Piano
Don Falzone - Bass
Gordon Lane - Drums

  Available Items by Greg McKenzie About Greg McKenzie 

Website: http://www.gregmckenzie.com

Greg McKenzie encompasses a unique blend of intelligence, creativity, commitment and leadership. These qualities have generated worldwide recognition as an international pianist and director. His ability to assemble and conduct international shows and concerts have been an admiring achievement since graduating from Shenandoah Conservatory of Music.

He has embraced the music industry for more than three decades and now anticipating a "new revolution" toward classic jazz music and composition. "The way we listen, dance, record, and purchase music has dramatically changed over the years. It is essential encouraging our audiences to further support live entertainment preserving Fine Arts and protecting our copyright laws."

Also, a jazz educator for two decades his performances have been worldwide enjoying extended performances in Japan, performing and recording with many refined musicians including, saxophonist Sadao Watanabe. Their friendship has inspired McKenzie to record his third trio CD that will include many original compositions and arrangements. Remembering one of the most loved jazz singers Rosemary Clooney once said, "It is the quintessential New York experience to be there looking out at the skyline and listening to the music that Greg McKenzie plays - sophisticated, informed, moving, I say, 'Top of the Heap.' "

McKenzie has enjoyed the success of being music director for numerous International luxury hotels, and knows that originality and dedication is part of the hospitality industry. "We set the standards how the world interprets fine art and good music."

After Rainbow & Stars closed located in Rockefeller Plaza, many goals have been accomplished including, president of FingerNail Moon, Inc. This company is producing Chamber Jazz Concerts (CJC) and Off Broadway shows for international travel. While opening for so many distinguished singers and celebrities McKenzie states, "there is a desperate need to showcase talent globally, and it is inspirational to organize our dreams and experiences through live entertainment and production."

While producing shows, Greg will continue to perform solo & trio piano with future bookings in Asia, Europe, Africa, North America, and the Middle East.

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